Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika and Ketki have a discussion about their plan. Ketki calls people and tells them about Dipika’s pregnancy. Dipika is puzzled and says what did you do. Ketki says now see, Jai’s life will be ruined and Ansubaa will make you her bahu to avoid people’s taunts. Dipika smiles. Dipika hugs Ketki. Dhara is cooking and gets vomiting. She thinks about her condition. Parul comes and is lost in thoughts. She cuts her finger and Dhara cares for her. Parul cries and apologizes to her for whatever Jai did. She says we have done wrong with you. Dhara says don’t blame yourself. Dhara says Jai loves Dipika and he has full right to take a decision.

Parul talks to Dhara. Dhara cries and hugs her asking her to forgive Jai. Parul asks

can you forgive him. Dhara says see after Jai and Dipika gets married, your family will be happy. Ramila comes home and talks to the woman. Everyone come out. Ramila says don’t say anything about Jai. She tells everyone that she is saying that Jai has made Dipika a mum. The woman taunts them. Ramila is shocked to know that its true. Everyone are upset.

The woman says see how I tell the whole village about this. She leaves. Hasmukh is worried. Ketki emotionally blackmails everyone. Ansubaa faints. Dhara takes care of her. Ketki cries saying what will happen with Dipika now. Hasmukh says Jiten will be coming tomorrow. Ansubaa says we have to take a decision, we will meet Maha Guru ji, maybe he can show us any way. Dilip comes home and says the news spread in the mill also, all the workers were talking about Jai. Jai feels bad. Hasmukh says we will get a solution once Jai comes. Jai leaves. Ketki smiles.

Jai comes to his room and thinks about Ansubaa’s words. He hits the wall in anger and hurts himself. Dhara comes and stops him. He says Parul and Ansubaa cries because of me for the first time. He says I have made them ashamed. Dhara says don’t hurt yourself. She says when you and Dipika get married, everyone will accept you. She pacifies him. She says after I go, you and Dipika’s relation will become more strong. Jai looks at Bhoomi’s photo and says I m so unlucky as I got you in Dhara and I lost her again. He cries.

Ketki tells everyone that Dipika is crying and its good she should die. Ramila says you should take care of her, she is pregnant. Lily pacifies Parul. Ketki thinks now on one can stop Dipika from taking Dhara’ss place.

Lily talks about pregnancy states. Dhara hears that and is shocked. She says does it mean I m pregnant

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Here Dipika has no worth as she is badmouthing about herself. her character is cheap . It is she who had insulted the value as well as the prestige of all ather women.In other words ,she is a poison for the society.So women like Dipika is punishable.This wat we have concluded.

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