Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lily and Ramila removing the partition in jai’s room. Dhara is taken care of by Sheetal. jai thanks her. Parul brings haldi milk for Dhara and asks about her hand. Sheetal says why is jai refusing. Tewur says we made a good plan that we will have fun together with the family at night, but jai is not ready for this plan, if you have any other plan, we don’t mind. Parul says no, jai’s plan is not such, maybe jai is refusing as Dhara needs rest. Dhara thinks she can’t let jai compromise and says I m absolutely fine. Tewur says now jai will agree.

Sheetal says lets play dumb charades. Tewur says we have only this night, lets make it memorable, then we will leave tomorrow. Two teams are made of gents and ladies. Hasmukh asks

what are we playing. Tewur says I will explain the rules of the game. He says what happens in dumb charades. Everyone are confused. Hasmukh asks them to show a demo. Sheetal says I will enact and show. Dhara and jai guess it right. Dipika is angry seeing jai and Dhara together. Sheetal praises jai and Dhara saying they have confessed their love infront of everyone.

Ketki looks at Dipika and says now we know, Dipika go and give a name of the movie to jai. Dipika tells a name to jai and he enacts. Everyone guesses it. Nanku guesses it right as Rowdy Rathore. Hasmukh gives a film name to Lily. The game continues and everyone enjoys. Its Dhara’s turn now. Tewur says I will give her a movie name. Dhara enacts and looks at jai. Dhara points at jai. Everyone trues to guess. She signs Mera Pati sirf mera hai. Everyone claps guessing it. Sheetal says Dhara did a good work, and you have explained jai that he is only yours. Dipika gets angry hearing this. jai looks at Dhara.

jai ties the partition back in his room. Dhara comes in the room to pack her bag. Dipika looks at them standing outside the door. Dhara asks for jai’s bag. They have a talk. jai gives her another bag and asks her to pack in that. Dhara packs her bag. Dipika says it looks like jai does not want Dhara to come with him, Dhara is happy but I won’t let you enjoy your so called honeymoon. Dhara and jai go to sleep. Dipika comes in the room and puts itching powder on Dhara’s clothes. She says you were saved by oil, but how will you be safe from this itching powder Dhara.

Its morning, Dhara meets Nanku and gets emotional as she is leaving him for the first time. Parul and Aarvi see them. She says I m leaving for Mumbai now, you know how important it is for me to be with jai. Aarvi says we have to do something, so that Dhara spends time with Nanku. Aarvi tells an idea to Parul and she likes it. Parul comes to Dhara and says wake up Nanku and bring him to my room. Aarvi says its a surprise, wake him up and make him ready. Dhara wakes up Nanku. Aarvi stops Dilip and Parul talks to him. They ask him to help him.

Dhara and Nanku come to Parul’s room and Parul and Aarvi show her a moon and brings Rotis and Khichdi for Nanku and Dhara. Dhara smiles seeing this and asks how did you do all this. Parul and Aarvi smile. Parul says you are leaving for Mumbai so Aarvi planned this for you and Nanku. Dhara cries with happiness. Parul asks her to celebrate Poshi Poonam with Nanku. Dhara does Nank’s aarti and smiles. Everyone smile. Nanku says I will make you eat today by my hands.

jai and Dhara takes everyone’s blessings as they are leaving for Mumbai. Komal says happy honeymoon. Dipika smiles seeing Dhara’s bag.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. i think their honeyoon will make them closer,it will become a real honeymoon trip.jai soon accept dhara’s feeling for u ,she really loves u so much and ready to do everything for for u.please bring the love and romance between JAI AND DHARA,we are EAGERLY WAITING FOR THAT

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