Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chandrika getting the shagun from Ansubaa’s house. Komal is happy to see it. Chandrika says the enemy’s sweets is like poison for us. She says they have given me bitter truth. Komal eats the sweets. Chandrika scolds her. Paritosh and Vilas gets angry. Chandrika tells Paritosh see what they did, they don’t give us our right, but send sweets. He says we have to send the shagun back to them such that their diwali and life too gets ruined. Chandrika smiles. Dhara talks to Lord Kishan and says I m going to jai’s house. She talks about jai and says he did not take the prasad with right hand, I felt bad. She says make him happy and I will also try for this. She takes the blessings for starting a new work.

Everyone are busy doing

the arrangements. Parul tells Aarvi that tonight Laxmi ji will come in our house. Aarvi asks who. Parul tells her about Laxmi ji and her story. She tells her about their story. Everyone smiles seeing them and hearing the story. They tell about Bhoomi. Dhara comes to their house and enters while Parul is saying about Laxmi ji. Dhara is happy to see the decorations inside the house. Aarvi says so Laxmi ji will be coming to us now. Dhara says so I m going to work here, Dilip sees her and says you here. She says Parul has called me. Dilip says for being a cook. Dhara says I m going to be a cook. jai comes there and sees her. She says the haveli is looking beautiful. She sees the Rangoli and says its very beautiful.

She sees her hand made diyas. Aarvi comes there and asks Dhara what have you done. Dhara has spoiled the Rangoli. She gets worried and says what have I done. Everyone come there and are shocked. Ketki says what have you done, you spoiled the Rangoli. Dhara says I did not do it purposely. Dhara says the colours does not fade. jai says she did a mistake. Dhara makes another Rangoli. Parul praises her. jai looks on.

Komal breaks a vase and Chandrika comes and scolds her. Komal says my dad gave all this. She says I get tired doing the work. Vilas scolds Komal and asks her to work. He says ask her what shagun have her parents send us. Chandrika says yes, they should have send us gifts. Komal is speechless. Komal gets vomiting. Chandrika scolds her and thinks Komal might be pregnant. She asks Vilas to call Daai. Vilas gets happy.

Dhara comes to the Lord’s mandir in the house and takes the blessings. Aarvi says why did you touch the feets. Dhara says like we greet in the mandir, even this house is a mandir. Everyone smile hearing her reply. Parul welcomes her. Dhara greets Ansubaa. Ansubaa blesses her. Dhara goes to Lord Kishan’s mandir in the house and her feet matches with the Laxmi ji’s footmarks. Aarvi sees it and shows everyone. Parul is happy to see it and says whats this sign Lord. Dhara prays. Ansubaa also sees this.

Ketki shows Dhara her footmarks. Dhara gets shocked and worried. She says what have I done, I m gone now. jai says why is Dhara calling me Kishan ji. She prays to Lord Kishan. Dhara tells everyone I will clean it. Parul says leave it, its fine, she says you have work in the kitchen. Ketki is shocked to know that Dhara will cook in the house. Everyone smiles. Ketki gets angry. Dhara tells everyone that jai had the prasad. Everyone are shocked. Ansubaa says jai had prasad? She says yes, I forced him to eat. jai says I did not had any prasad, but halwa. He says you talk a lot Dhara, just see your work and leaves. Dhara thinks he gets angry easily. Ansubaa asks Parul is this true. Parul says I will tell later. Dhara sees Bhoomi’s photo and thinks whose photo is this.

Parul tells Ansubaa that don’t know when will the Lord fulfill our wish. Dhara makes jai laugh. Everyone are happy to see him laughing and are shocked too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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