Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone talking about Dipika’s pregnancy. Hitesh says we should find out about the man who is responsible for her pregnancy, it means he is from this family as Dipika is protecting him. Hasmukh says it can’t be from our family. Hitesh says then why is she not telling the name. Hasmukh says maybe she is not saying as the man won’t give the name to the child. Hitesh says we should talk to Dipika. Ketki speaks against Dipika and acts. Dipika comes to them crying with Jai. Ansubaa asks Dipika to tell the truth. She says what will we tell Jiten, that we did not take care of you and you are pregnant. We are innocent, how can you do such a big mistake, you have to answer us. She asks how is the father of the child.

Hasmukh says come

on say, we have kept you as a daughter in this house. Parul says yes, tell us. Ketki says you have cheated everyone and they are supporting you. Parul says I request you Dipika to tell the name. Ketki scolds Dipika and says go and die. Jai says enough, don’t tell anything to Dipika. He says I will tell you who is the father of the child. Dipika says no, you won’t say. Jai says punish me, not Dipika, as I m the father of the child. Everyone are shocked. He says I m the one who have broken your trust. He says I have hurt Dhara, Dipika and you all. Ansubaa says are you in your senses. He says yes, I was not in my senses when I did this mistake.

Hitesh smiles. Jai says you all can punish me, I will take the responsibility of the baby. Parul says no, I don’t believe this. She says this is wrong he can’t do this. Jai says I was not in my senses. I went out with Dipika at that night and we got close. Everyone are shocked. Ansubaa says I was proud of you, how can you do this being married, are you not ashamed. Ketki smiles. Ansubaa says you have ruined our Sanskaar and broke Dhara’s trust also, our blood can’t be so bad. Parul slaps Jai. She says don’t call me mum, how can you do this, now you don’t deserve Dhara. She says this girl did so much for you and you cheated her.

She says I will never forgive you. Dhara cries. Everyone leaves. Dhara comes to her room and thinks of Jai’s words. She says no, this can’t happen, Jai is not the father of the baby, if its so, it means they both have….. this can’t happen, but it happened. She cries and says why am I feeling bad, Dipika and Jai will marry after a month, I m temporary. She says Jai is Dipika’s, I have to accept this. She looks at the calender and says only 15 days left for seven months to end, then my identity will be only Dhara, not Jai’s wife. She says Dipika has the right on Jai, he was only my responsibility, not my life. She talks to Kishan ji and says why did you show me dreams which cannot be fulfilled, stop all this. Give me strength to bear all this else I will die.

Parul is annoyed with Jai. Jai tries to talk ti her but she leaves. Jai cries and hugs Dilip. He says I know I did a mistake, but trust me, I had a drink and I don’t know what was in that drink. I did not do this intentionally. Dilip says I can understand, you have supported me and saved me, I will always be with you. Jai hugs him. Hitesh claps and taunts Jai infront of Avni. Hitesh says you did not do anything bad, you are rich and can have this things for your pleasure. He says Jai that he should have not told everyone the truth. Avni says stop it now. Hitesh passes bad comments on Jai. Hitesh laughs and leaves. Avni scolds Hitesh and he argues with her.

Dhara packs her bag and tells Jai that I have to leave from this house in 15 days. He stops her holding her hand. He says I know I did a mistake, I m sorry. She says why will you be sorry, its my mistake, I should be sorry. She says after knowing the truth, I came in between you and Dipika.

Ketki and Dipika have a talk. Ketki says once the world knows the truth, then Ansubaa will make you her bahu to save her respect..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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