Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the doctor doing check up of Bhoomi. Ansubaa asks about her health and can she can her back home. Doctor says she needs rest. He takes Kishan outside and says that his wife needs rest as she is very weak. She will take time to recover. Ansubaa caresses Bhoomi and says everything will be fine. Dilip comes and asks about their well being. Dilip says lets go home. Ansubaa says she will not leave Bhoomi and go. Kishan says we will come to Kaishavgarh after two days and requests her to go home. Bhoomi tells her to go home. Ansubaa says she will be at her side. Bhoomi says that Kishan will take care of her. Kishan tells Ansubaa to go back home with Dilip bhai. Ansubaa finally agrees and telling Bhoomi to take rest. Bhoomi feels weak, Kishan goes to

call the doctor.

Parul prays to the lord to save Bhoomi. She fears since Ansubaa left without informing them. Ramila and Lily fayi comes there, Ketki asks Lily fayi to give her milk to drink. Lily fayi asks Parul to drink milk but she says she won’t have anything. Karsan comes and informs her that Ansubaa, Kishan and Bhoomi are saved. Everyone gets happy. Karsan says he talked with Kishan. Bharti looks on uninterested. Karsan tells her that Kishan searched for Bhoomi and Ansubaa is with them. Parul thanks the Dwarkhadeesh. Karsan tells her that three good guys (Tridev) helped Kishan in his mission to save Bhoomi. He says he sent Dilip to Mumbai to get Kishan, Ansubaa and Bhoomi. Karsan calls Kishan and asks him to talk to his mother. Parul asks him about Bhoomi. Bhoomi asks Kishan not to tell mom that she is in the hospital. Kishan talks to her and says we are returning tomorrow as Bhoomi is weak. He informed her that he sent Ansubaa with Mota bhai. Parul says she will talk to Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she is fine and asks about her health. Parul gets emotional and teary eyed. The doctor comes there to check on Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she is feeling head ache. Doctor asks Kishan to sit outside, but Bhoomi asks him to stay at her side. Kishan says he will not go anywhere and says he realised her importance in his life. He prays for her recovery.

Parul and Ramila gets excited and says they will welcome Kishan and Bhoomi with the aarti. Bharti thinks of some evil plan and suggests them to welcome them grandly.
Hasmukh thinks that they have lost mill and haveli to Amrital and taunts Ramila for her plans to welcome Kishan and Bhoomi. Ramila informs him that mill and haveli are saved. She says Dilip informed Karsan that Kishan saved Bhoomi as well as mill and their haveli. Hasmukh sees Ankit with Karsan and gets surprised. Ankit thinks he is succeeding in his plans. Hasmukh comes to him and slaps him hard. Hasmukh scolds him for betraying him and says why he is running after Karsan bhai. Ankit tells him that he was scared of Ansubaa and says he will fulfilled his wish and become a MD as 10 days are left to choose MD. He says that’s why he is flattering kaka. Hasmukh praises his presence of mind and tells him to fulfill his wish. He says Ansubaa left from Mumbai and wonders what she will do with him. Ankit advices him to be very much involve in Kishan and Bhoomi’s welcome and if needed says sorry to Ansubaa. Hasmukh falls in Ankit’s trap.

Bhoomi while sleeping gets flashback of Amritlal, who had said he will sell her in Mumbai. Bhoomi wakes up and finds it difficult to breathe, Kishan calls the doctor. The doctor starts checking Bhoomi.

Ansubaa comes back home, everyone feels happy and asks her why she left home without informing them. Ansubaa says she couldn’t stay back as Kishan was in danger. She informs everyone that Kishan didn’t only save Bhoomi but also saved their dharohar (wealth). Hasmukh starts acting. Ansubaa says she needs to talk to Dilip and Karsan in her room. Bharti and Hasmukh looks evily. Ansubaa asks Karsan to close the door while Hasmukh is trying to figure out what Ansubaa might be talking to them. He asks Ankit to get inside on the pretext of something. Parul goes to Ansubaa’s room to massage her legs. Hasmukh enters after her and says he will do. Ansubaa looks at him and nods at Parul. Ansubaa asks Karsan and Dilip to do as she has said. The episode ends with Ansubaa’s determined face.

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Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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