Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ketki supporting Dhara instead of Dipika. Dipika is shocked. Ketki warns Dipika not to do anything next time else she will not leave her. She asks her to go to her room. Dipika gets angry and leaves. Ketki asks Dhara not to be happy as she scolded Dipika, she says I m doing this for jai. I will help you. Dilip is watering the tulsi plant. Chandrika asks will we get jai now. Ansubaa says yes, the Lord will give us our jai back, Dhara did the Anushtaan well. Chandrika thinks no one will be able to free jai from her hands. Durga comes and asks everyone to trust her. Ansubaa says we all trust you that you will bring jai back. Hasmukh asks is there any news about jai. Durga says its a good news. Chandrika is tensed.

Durga says we

came to know who has sent the CD. Karsan asks who has sent it. She says I can’t say the name till we get the proof, I can say that I will catch the culprit soon. She says you will be given police protection from today. Parul says we don’t want that, we want jai. Durga says I understand, we will find jai soon. Don’t worry, we will get him. Durga leaves. Ansubaa says it looks like Durga got the way to reach jai. Chandrika thinks of informing Ravi. Ketki says the good id ready, lets have it now. Dhara does the tulsi plant puja. Ravi comes there and sees the constables. He thinks what are they doing here. Dhara asks Ravi to come with her and take his food.

She says you are like our family, come with me. Ravi thinks of taking the food for jai. He asks about jai. Dhara says I m sure that we will get jai soon. Everyone have food but are upset. Hitesh acts sweet to everyone. Avni understands his cleverness. Hitesh smiles cunningly. Ansubaa asks Dhara did you keep the bhog. Dhara says yes. Ravi tells that Dhara called him for food. Ansubaa asks Dhara to give the prasad to the constables also. Ansubaa asks where is Chandrika and Dipika. Ketki says Chandrika and Dipika went to take medicines. Chandrika msgs Ravi and hides the phone.

Dipika talks to Chandrika. Chandrika asks why are you angry, did anything happen. Dipika says no. Ravi gets Chandrika’s msg. Dhara gives him food plate. Ravi thanks him and leaves. The constable stops Ravi and asks whose food is this. Ravi says its mine, I m taking it to my room. The constable says you have to eat it here. Ravi takes his permission and smiles. He thinks of doing something about police.

Ravi comes to jai with the food. He beats jai and asks him to have the food. jai does not eat. Ravi thinks if he does not eat today, Chandrika will not leave me. Everyone think did jai have food or not. Parul misses jai and says I can’t eat without jai. Karsan pacifies her and says we are also worried about jai, please eat for his sake. Dhara prays to the Kishan ji.

jai eats the food. Ravi thinks how did this miracle happen. jai thinks its the food made at his house and asks from where did food came. Ravi says from hell. Ravi hurts jai and asks what happened now, that you are eating the food, eat it. Ravi leaves. He locks jai and comes out. He thinks its good that he had food, not lets use this hanky and send it. He laughs. Karti hai majboor zindagi……………. plays………… jai eats the food and everyone at home also eat. Dipika looks at Dhara angrily and leaves. Ansubaa understands Dipika and says she can’t become Dhara. Ravi sends the hanky wet by blood and a letter. Dilip reads the letter asking them to keep police away else he will send some part of jai’s body. Everyone are shocked. Chandrika smiles.

The pandit asks Dhara to make the prasad by only one hand. She makes it. jai eats the halwa and says Dhara made it, it means I m very close to her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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