Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ketki hiding her face from everyone. Hasmukh asks her to show her face. Ketki shows her face. Hasmukh laughs. Ketki says, don’t know who coloured my face. Hasmukh says, I caught him. He is Dilip. Ketki is annoyed. Dilip says, it was brought by Ketki. They laugh on Ketki. Ketki says, my friend opted for plastic surgery. Hasmukh says, we will also opt for it. We will get plastic from home. He jokes. Dhara comes and asks her to apply the oil to remove the colour. Ketki says, Dilip has imported stuff which will remove the colors. Hasmukh and Dilip laughs. Dipika is sitting in her room and looks mad. Ketki comes and asks, what have you done to yourself? Dipika says, I would have killed Dhara. She killed me. She is pregnant with Jai’s child.

Ketki is shocked. She says, it can’t be possible. Dipika says, Doctor called and confirmed it. Ketki says, we will take advantage of the situation. Just think that tomorrow morning will bring happiness for you.

Ansubaa asks Hasmukh about the silver coins. Hasmukh says, I ordered 300 coins. Hasmukh thinks, where is the remaining 20 coins. What is happening? Hitesh thinks nobody can doubt him. Ketki asks Dipika what happened? Dipika says, my head is shaking and I vomitted twice. Dilip says, medical report came. Parul asks him to check the report. Dilip reads the report and is shocked. Everyone ask, what has happened? Hasmukh reads the report and is shocked. Ansubaa asks, what is written in Dhara’s report. Hasmukh says, it is Dipika’s report. He says, she is pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Dipika and Ketki pretend to be shocked.

Ansubaa asks Dipika to say. Ketki accuses Dipika for blackening their face. Dilip says, it can’t be wrong. Ketki says, she is standing shamelessly. Her face is showing that she did a mistake. Dipika says, I will kill myself. Ansubaa asks Ketki to keep quiet. Dipika says, it is my love baby. Ketki slaps her calling the baby as sin. Dhara asks, what did you do? Ketki says, you are unmarried? She asks her to leave the house. Hasmukh asks her to let Dipika speak. Ketki says, you betrayed my dewar Jai. Dipika says, I didn’t betray him. Ketki asks her to say about the baby’s child. Dhara saves her.

Dipika says, I am sorry for the bad reputation. I can’t take that person’s name whose child I am carrying. She cries. Dipika pretends to be crying. She sees Jai coming there and starts acting. Jai asks, why you are crying? She says, I don’t want to talk to anyone? Jai says, I will solve the problem. Dipika tells him that she is pregnant. Jai is shocked. She says, I am going to be a mother before our marriage. She says, everyone knows about it. Ketki wants to kill me and Ansubaa and others calling me as characterless. Jai asks, how did it happen?

She asks him not to doubt her. She says, it is our love baby. It was a mistake. I am not blaming you. She says, Papa will die if he gets to know. I won’t tell anyone that you are this baby’s child. She says, I have decided not to punish this child. I will give birth to this child but won’t tell him about you. Avni tells Dipika that Ansubaa called her. Jai is shocked.

Ketki asks Dipika to die if she is ashamed. He tells everyone that he is responsible for Dipika’s pregnancy. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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