Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th July 2013 Written Update

Maha Tridev Sangam Episode: ( Sanskaar Part )

The episode starts with Kishan saying to Dilip that he have to go to Mumbai before that devil do anything with Bhoomi. Dilip says he will accompany him but Kishan asks him to stay at home to take care of everyone. Kishan wonders where Amritlal might have hidden Bhoomi.

Amritlal talks with someone and says he got someone for the market. He says she is precious gem and he can’t give it to her just like that. He laughs. Bhoomi is on the back seat and tied.

Kishan says he had a friend in Mumbai and calls him. His friend says you didn’t call me ever since your marriage. Kishan says he is in trouble and tells him about Bhoomi’s kidnapping by Amritlal ( which is shown in the flashback). His friend says

it is difficult anybody in Mumbai without the address. Kishan says we have to find a way out and says there might be someone who can help me out. His friend suggest him to take help from Vasu, a smuggler. Kishan asks him where he can find him and why he will help him. His friend says that he helps the needy who is in trouble. Kishan says I want to meet Vasu. He thanks his friend and says he will be reaching there soon.

Kishan comes back home and packs his bags. Karsan asks him why he wants to go to Mumbai without searching for Bhoomi. Kishan says he had only one mission that is to save Bhoomi. Karsan understands that he is going to Mumbai to search for Bhoomi. Kishan seeks his blessings and says his love and God is testing him. Kishan asks him not to tell this to anyone. Ansubaa hears this and says she loves Bhoomi and she is her life. Kishan says he have to go without her consent as he have to leave to save Bhoomi anyhow. Ansubaa gives him permission to go. Kishan leaves for Mumbai and song plays teri taalash me piya hum kitne kose chale…… Kishan remembers the happy moments spent with his lovely wife Bhoomi.

Bhoomi cries in Amritlal’s confinement and prays to Kishan to save her. Kishan calls his Vicky and inquires about Vasu. Vicky says he talked to Vasu and everything depends after you reach Mumbai. Kishan says he will reach soon. Some priest stop him and says he is hungry. Kishan says he needs to go and gives him Rs 100. The priest says that his face is showing he is in trouble and says tomorrow is Naag Panchami and if needed Tridev will come to help you and solve your problems. He gives him Aashirwad. Kishan do Pranaam to him and proceed towards his bus. He comes to know that the bus needs to be repaired and it will take atleast 2 hours. He looks at the coming car and asks for a lift to Mumbai. That Car belongs to Mr. Rathore of Uttaran. He nods yes and Kishan gets inside the car. Rathore introduces himself as Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. Kishan introduces himself as JaiKishan. He asks whether you are searching someone. Kishan says he is going to search himself. Rathore stops the car seeing carriage at the middle of the night. Kishan thinks he can’t waste any time and goes to move the carriage out of his way, while it is raining heavily. Rathore smiles and says it is immense love. Rathore helps Kishan in moving the carriage clearing their way. Kishan remembers the priest words that even Tridev have to come to remove your troubles.

Ansubaa gets teary eyed while thinking about Amritlal’s words that he kidnapped Bhoomi and all that he wanted is their ancestor’s mill.

Amritlal and his goons brings Bhoomi to some place and tied her there. Amritlal wonders at what price she will sell and thinks it will give him the estimation of the family’s prestige. Bhoomi cries vehemently.

Rathore says if he needs any help then he will be happy to help him find his love. Kishan thanks him and says you have already done much. Rathore says it is the destiny to help someone.

Vasu is sitting with his goon’s friends, One of the goon informs him about Kishan Vaishnav coming to them. Kishan comes and introduces himself and says his wife is being kidnapped by Amritlal. He says that if they didn’t pay the ransom money than he will…… he hesitates to speak further. Vasu says he took her here means he intends to sell her. Kishan says he came to search his wife and request him to help him. Vasu’s friend says that Amritlal is their business client and Vasu doesn’t understand anything about love. Kishan requests him for his help and says he will never be able to forgive himself if he didn’t succeed to save his wife from Amritlal’s clutches. Vasu gives a gonda look and says he doesn’t understand love then how can he help him. Kishan says you didn’t love anyone yet that’s why don’t understand love. Kishan leaves from there.

Kishan prays in the Dargah while the song plays tu tak tu tak soniya…… Meri har dushwari bas tu tak…. Meri har taiyyari bas tu tak…….
tum tak tum tak…. Kishan looks at Bhoomi’s picture. Bhoomi cries in Amritlal hostage.

Kishan saves Akash of Uttaran from the goons who was trying to loot his chain. He gives the chain to Akash and requests the goons to return his belongings. The goons says we will kick you too. Just then Rathore comes and counts the number of goons. He starts beating them. Kishan and Akash too beats the goons. The trio or in other words Tridev gets together and Kishan asks the precious thing which the goons are trying to take from him. Akash says it was his love’s wish. Rathore asks Kishan whether he will say now also that he doesn’t need his help and offers help. Akash too offers to help him. Kishan gets touched and says you people are trying to help me and the one whose help I wanted has refused to help me. Rathore asks Who? Kishan comes with them to Vasu again and asks will you help me? He shows him Bhoomi’s photo and says he have little time left. Vasu didn’t say anything. Kishan says he will not understand his problem as he don’t have heart in himself. Rathore interefere and says he will help them for sure. Vasu informs him about the place Nafeespura where girls are being sold after the Naag Panchami puja.

Kishan, Akash and Rathore comes to the place and looks around where puja was going on. Amritlal came there with Bhoomi and his goons and walks past Kishan. But Kishan didn’t see them but feels something. Someone drops a chit in Akash, Kishan and Rathore coat that reads “Shamiyana”. Amritlal shows Bhoomi to his clients and starts the auction. The trio gather at the Shamiyana and notices the goons. Amritlal asks Bhoomi where is your Kishan kanhaiyya, Bhoomi looks distressed. He tells her to forget Kishan.

Amritlal’s aid informs him about the mess. Amritlal comes out and fires in the air. Kishan and Bhoomi see each other and Bhoomi says Kishan. Amritlal asks him to stay where he is at the moment and shows him Ansubaa as his hostage. Amritlal informs Kishan that Ansubaa came to him with the mill papers, she trusted me…. Amritlal says he is the bad guy. Kishan asks him to leave Ansubaa and Bhoomi as he got the papers now. Amritlal says he will get revenge from them and continues that he will sell their prestige infront of everyone. He tells him to stop him if he can. He goes towards Bhoomi and snatches her mangal sutra, shocking everyone. He throws the mangal sutra on Kishan’s feet. Kishan shouts. Amritlal says now it is Ansubaa’s turn. Just then Vasu comes there and starts rolling the dhol. He removes the blanket to uncover his face. Amritlal asks him to stay away from this issue. He splash some colours on Amritlal. Kishan holds Bhoomi’s mangalsutra. Amritlal gets shocked at the Tridev avatar. Tridev along with Kishan beats them read and blue. Police comes there and arrests Amritlal. Kishan tells him not to keep an bad eye on anyone’s daughter or daughter in law. He says Maa durga and Tridev do save his family and asks the police to take them away.

Rathore thanks Vasu. Kishan thanks Rathore and tells Vasu that he saw him today. Kishan thanks Akash too. Bhoomi looks happy and so is Ansubaa. Rathore tells Bhoomi that Kishan loves her immensely. Ansubaa blesses the trio while the song Sanskaar dharohar apnon ki plays in the BG. The screen splits into two, Kishan at one screen and the trio at the other.

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