Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ravi arguing with jai and making him eat food by force. Chandrika asks Ravi did jai have food. Ravi says no. Chandrika says make him eat food, nothing should happen to him. Ravi asks what will you get doing this. Chandrika says the Vaishnav family’s life is jai, we will hurt him and they will be hurt. Ansubaa and her family can’t see jai like this and one day they will pay any amount, then I will ask them what I want. She asks Ravi to feed jai. Chandrika says make him eat the food made by Ansubaa’s house, that will make him crazy and his family will break. Ravi tells her that he has not left any proof against him. Chandrika smiles.

Its morning, The pandit asks everyone to call Dhara for the Anushtaan. Dipika says I m ready

to do this. He says but jai’s wife is…. Dhara says I m and I will do it. Dipika says now seven months are near completion, its my right to do this. Dhara says I m his wife. Ansubaa says Dhara is right. Dipika blames Dhara for all this and asks Parul to explain Dhara. Parul says you should understand, Dhara is his wife and she has to do this Anushtaan. Dhara smiles and greets everyone touching their feet. She comes to Parul and Parul turns. Ansubaa asks Parul not to be annoyed and bless Dhara. Dhara touches her feet and Parul blesses her. Dhara is happy. Dhara starts the Anushtaan while the pandit starts chating the mantras. Everyone looks on.

Ansubaa says can we give her some water. The pandit says no. Dhara continues to make 1008 rounds around the tulsi tree. Dhara is fainting but Lily holds her. Dipika smiles. Ansubaa says she did not eat since two days. The pandit says bring a bronze jar and then she can continue. Dhara goes to the outhouse to bring the bronze jar. jai imagines Dhara with him. Dhara comes there and jai is locked in adjacent room. Dhara does not know he is there. Ravi comes there and is shocked to see Dhara. He helps her in finding the bronze jar. He thinks she can make my plan flop. She gets jai’s childhood photo there and cries seeing it. Ravi smiles.

Dhara hugs the photo and cries thinking about her marriage with jai and the moments spent with him. Banjar hai sab banjar hai………… mera yaar mila de saiyyan…………..plays…………….Dhara gets the bronze jar and leaves. She comes to continue the Anushtaan. The pandit asks Dhara to drink some water and gain strength. Dhara continues walking. The Anushtaan is completed. Everyone are happy. The pandit asks Dhara to plant tulsi in four directions of the house and soon jai will come back to her. Dipika gets angry.

Dhara makes the bhog. Dipika comes to her and asks what are you making. Dhara says bhog. Dipika says I will help you. Dhara says no, I have to make it. Dipika gets angry and starts taunting Dhara. Dhara replies her well and stops her from making the bhog fall. Dipika is shocked to see Dhara’s guts. Dhara says this is bhog, it can save jai, don’t come in between else I will not leave now. Dhara hurts Dipika and scolds her.

Everyone get jai’s hanky in blood. They get a letter which scares everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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