Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the house owner throwing Dhara’s belongings outside the house. Dhara says you can’t ask me to vacant the house in one day. She stops them and asks for notice. The house owner argues. She says I will tell this ti Ansubaa. She says she will help us, I will see how will you stay in this house after snatching my house from me. He gives her one month time and says I want my house in one month. He leaves with the goons. Dhara is sad seeing everything shattered.

Nanku goes to her and she hugs him. jai and Aarvi are lighting the diyas. Ketki comes there and asks Aarvi will you end the diyas before Diwali. Aarvi saays its Ramila’s birthday today. Aarvi asks jai to explain Ketki what Bhoomi told him. She tells Bhoomi’s lines and

Ketki smiles. jai thinking about Bhoomi sits queitly. Aarvi asks him to stop thinking about Bhoomi and asks him to help her. Parul comes and says its looking beautitul. jai says where did you go. Parul says to give some items to Dhara. Paritosh scolds the house owner saying why did you allowed Dhara to be in the house. he tells him about the rules. Paritosh says no need to give the notice to Dhara.

He says if Ansubaa knows about this, It will be a trouble for me. He says sorry to Paritosh. He asks him to do his work soon. Chandrika comes and asks what happened. She says it seems that he did not do the work. Paritosh says its not my mistake. She says yes, its not your mistake, the fate is not favoring us. Vilas’s wife comes and says some silly lines. He brings aarti for Paritosh and Chandrika. She is happy to see Vilas is becoming a father. Chandrika is happy and says its great.

Paritosh says the Daai will come tomorrow and will come our house in the morning. Chandrika says if Daai gives the good news, I will be glad. She says I will see how Vaishnav family will win over us. The next morning, everyone are working in the kitchen. Hasmukh gets a call from someone. He gets tensed and says I will come. Dilip asks what happened. He says I will come back and say. Dilip asks jai to come with him. Parul says till when will you go to drop Aarvi to school. jai says one or two months, I can’t leave Aarvi alone. Parul smiles.

The Daai talks to Hasmukh and says Chandrika called me, maybe her daughter in law is expecting. He asks her to call him after coming back from Chandrika’s house. Hasmukh says is Komal pregnant or not, it depends on her.

Ansubaa asks Parul are you not going to Mandir. She says yes, I m going. Lily says you always go, with a hope. Parul says yes, with a hope that jai’s life is back to normal. Ramila comes and says jai is alone and sad. Ansubaa says he is not alone and sad, he can live with Bhoomi’s memories. Parul says I want to see jai happy with starting a new life. Hasmukh says so that jai gets married and have a son. He says we will get our heir if jai marries someone, else… Ansubaa asks what. He telsl them what Daai said, and says Komal is expecting, so Chandrika will have the land if they get a son. Ansubaa says it won’t happen.

He says I don’t want that to happen. He says we know our sons can’t do this, we have to make jai agree for second marriage. He asks Parul don’t you think we should give jai a new life. Parul says I also want this, but I don’t think he will forget Bhoomi and get ready. She says is there any girl for her who would take Bhoomi’s place. Parul says its hard to get a girl like Bhoomi. She says its Lord’s duty to bring someone in jai’s life. Dhara talks to the Lord and says I m coming and tells her about her problems. She thanks the Lord and goes to the mandir. She sees her slippers are not there, so she has to walk barefooted.

Dhara walks on the road and she meets jai. He asks her shall I drop you anywhere. She says no, I m going to a mandir. He asks why did you not wear the slipper, what happened. She says its my mannat that I will walk barefooted. He says she is like Bhoomi and trusting the Lord. He says don’t trust the Lord. She says don’t say this, the Lord can never cheat anyone and break anyone’s trust. Dhara says Bhoomi’s lines and jai looks at her.

Dhara says ask Lord Kishan and see what he does, come with me to the mandir. He says no, I will drop you. She says I will go myself, the mandir is nearby. She gets hurt by a thorn. jai comes to her and sees she is unable to remove the thorn, he removes the thorn from her foot. Dhara closes her eyes and shouts Aah… She looks on.

Dhara meets Parul in the mandir and says I will make kheer for you. Parul says yes, sure, but you have to make it in our house.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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