Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amritlal telling Ansubaa that the reality is that her elder son Karsan Vaishnav give him the papers. He says Karsan is guilty of your family. Ansubaa shocked and so as Karsan and his family. Kishan says it is a sheer nonsense and his father can’t even think of doing like that. Mayank tells Hasmukh someone did and someone is paying for his deeds. Ansubaa asks Kishan to check the mill papers in her almarah. Amritlal says never thinks of opening the mill again and it belongs to me now. Lawyer also tell them that if you dare to open the mill then you have to face the court and will get in jail.

Kishan searches for the mill papers in Ansubaa’s almarah but he couldn’t find it. Kishan thinks he is right. Hasmukh taunts Karsan that he sold

the mill without telling anyone. Parul is in tears. Hasmukh taunts him badly. Karsan is shocked and teary eyed. Hasmukh says he is not answering because he doesn’t have any answers to his moves.

Parul supports her husband and says he will not do as such. Hasmukh says you might know well and may be mota bhai did this for you or your son, to secure your family future. He says it is solved when builder sent the brochure for the flat. He asks him whether he bought the flat. Parul asks Baa to tell anything.

Hasmukh asks Kishan whether he got the mill papers. Kishan asks him to be calm and asks Ansubaa. Ansubaa says she kept in the almarah. Hasmukh says mota bhai can answer it well. He asks him to tell the total truth. Karsan says it is not truth. He pleads innocence and says he only think about his family and not think of him only. He says his family is our Vaishnav family and the labourers of the mill. It is a sin, he can never think of selling the mill. He cries miserably. Hasmukh says it is clear and they have proof also. You backstab the family.

Kishan says papa didn’t do anything, how can you say like that to your elder brother. Hasmukh shouts why should I stop. He says he is feeling bad that mota bhai shooks hands with the enemy and secondly he sold the ancient family mill. Hasmukh says whether he is also involved in the crime. Just then Kishan remembers Hasmukh meeting with Amritlal and says your shooks hands with the enemy but stops saying further. He says he will not tolerate what mota bhai has done. Hasmukh’s son says I am not with you.

He says mota kaka cant do anything like that, he says his heart is saying that mota kaka is innocent.We all know that Amritlal is a bad guy and we cant trust on him. Lily also supports him and says mota bhai cant do anything, if anyone says hasmukh bhai did that then it is believable but not mota bhai. Hasmukh scolds her saying this time mota bhai is caught. Ansubaa asks him to stop and says if God also comes and says that Karsan did sell the mill then also she will not believe. She says my reflection can leave me but not my Karsayi. She says she dont need any proof to see the truth. Hasmukh says it is proven.

Ansubaa says this house and family standing on the trust and not on the proves. She says someone lit the mill with fire but because of Kishan we manage to open it again but it doesn’t go down well with our enemy. She says someone is there who done this and she will get to know it. Hasmukh is irked and says do whatever you want, and says if I did then you punish me and if mota bhai does it then you free him. Karsan is touched and sits below the sofa where Ansubaa is sitting and says Baa, you trusted me. He cries and Ansubaa also cries bad. She says evil eye was on them. She says some many people are hoping to mill to be opened but…. now.. Mother and son hug and cries. Rishte bharose chahat yakeen song plays in the background. Hasmukh leaves. Kishan consoles them and Bhoomi looks at them sadly.

Hasmukh saying to himself that nobody will believe him and says water is sprinkle on his doings. Ramila listens this but doesn’t understand and asks why are you saying this. Hasmukh thinks he is happy that his wife is a duffer. Ramila says mota bhai cant do like this and all the family also thinks in the same way. She asks him not to be angry. Hasmukh asks her to shut up and keep quiet.

Kishan comes to his room and asks Bhoomi why she stopped him when he was saying about ?Hasmukh kaka and Amritlal’s meeting. Bhoomi asks him to sit and gives him a water to drink. She asks him to be cool. He says what he will talked with papa. He never got humiliated. If you have not stopped me then I would have tell everything about Hasmukh kaka. Bhoomi says then Hasmukh may said another lie.She says Amritlal have papa’s signatures. She says they will search for the proofs and will reopen the mill. Kishan asks how? Bhoomi says you name is Kishan naa. She says Kishan ji can do anything. Kishan says in Mahabharat Kishanji used truth, lies everything and won. We will also think like Kishanji and win. Now our enemy will see, this Kishan leela. Kishan asks her to get ready with the inaugration preparation and our mill will open on Akshaya tritiya. Bhoomi nods. Episode ends on their hopeful face.

Lily Fayi says someone has spell a bad eye on this house, happiness is ruined. Ketki says her mom says if unlucky people entered the house then this happens and says because may be new daughter in law kundli is not matching with us. Bhoomi looks on.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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