Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parul being glad to see Dhara. Ketki talks to Dhara and says sorry for that day. Dhara says it was my mistake, I did not tell you the whole thing. Dhara also apologizes. Ketki introduces Parul and Lily. Dhara says I m lucky that you came to buy diyas from me. Dhara says I earn a living by selling toys and diyas. Lily buys the diyas. Dhara says I should give you these diyas for free, but Nanku’s fees. Parul says no, take your money. Dhara says its cheap, 3rs each. Lily says we want all, give us all. Parul says what happened, do you have to give it to someone else. Dhara says no and asks Nanku to give them the diyas. Parul gives her the money.

Nanku is happy. Parul and Ketki looks for 3rs. Dhara says its free for Aarvi from

my side. Dhara is happy that she has the school fees now. She says Kishan Lord is really good. jai is with Aarvi buying sweets. He forgets his wallet and asks Aarvi to be in the shop till he comes back. Nanku comes there and Aarvi sees him. Nanku sees the sweets and admire them. Aarvi thinks Nanku did not come to her house and is annoyed with him. Aarvi sees Nanku is short of money.

Everyone are doing the arrangements for Ramila’s birthday bash. Hasmukh comes and jokes. Aarvi tells Ansubaa about Nanku. Ansubaa explains her why Nanku did not buy the sweets. Aarvi is sad for Nanku. Parul praises Dhara and says don’t know how she runs her home. Aarvi says can’t we help her. Ansubaa says we can. Dilip comes and asks Ketki to bring the gifts he bought for Ramila. Ketki talks to him. Everyone laughs.

Dilip says you must be tired after working, bring those items from the room. Ketki leaves. Ansubaa says Ketki works a lot, I think we need to bring someone to help Ketki. Parul says yes. Lily says the arrangements are done and asks Aarvi to call Ramila. Hasmukh says she is my wife, I will call her. Ramila is crying in her room seeing her son’s photo. Hasmukh comes to her with a rose and sees her crying. He says you can’t hide your tears from me. She says my son is nothing to you.

He says he was my son, but he married a foreign girl and I broke my relation with him. He says everyone are eager to celebrate your birthday and your son does not know its your birthday today. She says you tell me what should I do, I can’t forget Ankit. She says atleast one call. Hasmukh says no and says all foreign girls are not like Bhoomi. She says if she was like Bhoomi, Ankit would have not gone away from us.

He says everyone are waiting, wipe your tears and smile. He takes her downstairs. Everyone sings the birthday song and are happy. Ramila sees jai and smiles. She cuts the cake with Aarvi. jai leaves. Aarvi takes the cake for jai and Parul sees them. Aarvi makes jai eat the cake and Parul smiles. Aarvi says its good right. Parul thinks about Dhara. Chandrika, Vilas and Paritosh meets the house owner in which Dhara leaves on rent.

Paritosh asks him to kick Dhara out of her house. The owner agrees and Paritosh smiles. Chandrika looks on and says its good plan, hope it works. Paritosh says this time we won’t lose. He says Dhara will lose her house as well as her respect. Chandrika says Vaishnav family is our enemy, we should plan against them, not Dhara. Paritosh says when people see the video clip, Dhara and jai will be embarrassed. He says we should go to Ansubaa and make our demands shpwing them the video clip. Chandrika says we will do it when the time comes.

Dhara tells Nanku to pray to Kishan Lord and thank him. Nanku thanks him for the school fees. Some people come and tell Dhara that they have brought the wheat and rice for them. Parul comes to her and Dhara asks you here. Parul smiles. Parul says your diyas are like you, pure and beautiful. Parul sees their house and says a good idol of Lord Kishan. Nanku says Didi is friends with Kishan ji. Parul is happy. Dhara asks Nanku to bring water. Parul gives him sweets. Dhara asks why did you bring all these things. Parul says its from our side. Dhara says for saving Aarvi.

She says I don’t take money for helping. Parul says its agift from all of us. Parul says I will give you some work and decorate the Kishan Mandir well. Dhara agrees. She says send Nanku to out house sometimes, he will play with Aarvi. Parul leaves. Dhara is happy for the work. The house owner comes and asks Dhara to vacant the house as he wants to sell if off. He says I don’t want the rent now. Dhara is shocked and requests him saying where will I go. He says you think about it. Dhara is tensed.

The house owner asks the goons to take Dhara’s belongings outside the house. Dhara looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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