Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kishan telling Bhoomi that if intentions are good then anything can happen. Bhoomi says what can happen, if mistake can rectify. Kishan asks her to get gum and scissor. Bhoomi gives him. Kishan starts to stick the sticker with Ansubaa’s name and paste it, hiding their names on the card while the song Rishton ka Manja plays. Bhoomi and Kishan both feels happy. Bhoomi praises him saying so intelligent and smart. Kishan says they need to correct all the cards. She replies dont worry she is with him naa. Bhoomi and Kishan get all the card done correctly. Bhoomi says first card they will give to Dwarkhadeesh. She says she needs to talk something.

Hasmukh is very much happy and plays tabla on the table. Ramila is quite amazed at her husband’s

happiness. He says he can dance as well.

Mayank asks him what is the reason for your happiness. Hasmukh shots back do you have a problem with my happiness. He says do the work which Ansubaa asked you to do, make guests list. Mayank leaves.
Hasmukh thinks he will have fun as Amrital will take away the mill and other way the people. He says people will say bad about Bhoomi and Kishan when they see their names on card instead of Ansubaa.

Ansubaa gets a call from someone and says he gets the invitation card. Ansubaa asks him to come for sure and says she is not well. The person on the call says that the card is good. Ansubaa thinks he is talking about Bhoomi and Kishan names and says changes do happen with new era (zamana). But he praises the young generation saying your life is fulfilled as they have given you utmost respect. Ketki stands there listening. Ansubaa asks did they starts distributing the cards to which Ketki replies yes, Mota kaka places the card at the mandir. Ketki tries to add spices on Ansubaa’s wounds saying thats why calls are coming. Now what will you reply to the guests. Ansubaa asks her to get one card for her.

Another Phone call rings and Ketki feels happy thinking about what Ansubaa will answer to the guests when they asks why is your name not written on the card. Ansubaa nods her to get the card. Ansubaa is on call.

Kishan and Bhoomi are deciding on the decoration and Ramila gives her suggestions. Ketki thinks they are talking about flowers and the horns are on their way. She asks Bhoomi to give her a card as calls are coming. She gives the card to Ansubaa who is quite surprised to see the invitation card. Ketki thinks Bhoomi you are gone, you have to bear Ansubaa’s anger. Ansubaa asks Ketki to come with her. Ketki asks her to tap on her anger. Ansubaa looks on.

Hasmukh is taunting Kishan when Karsan comes and says everyone was asking about Kishan. Hasmukh says he knows it brought bad reputation. Karsan says everyone was praising. Ansubaa comes and Kishan tells her that they didn’t done anything intentionally, whatever they did was to rectify their mistakes.

Ansubaa places her hands on Kishan’s head emotionally and says your dadaji told the truth. All the family feels happy and Ansubaa is touched. Amritlal comes and asks Karsan what is going on? Karsan says what does he mean. Amritlal says why you are sending invitation on Mill address. He asks baa that no one give him the invite. Kishan asks him to leave, but he says he dont go easily if he enters anyone life. All the family are tensed. He stops Kishan’s hands.He asks Kishan to see the papers then we will see who shuts up. He asks the lawyer to show the paper. Kishan is shocked to read the stay papers of the mill. Karsan asks, Kishan says it is a stay order. We cant open the mill on Akshaya Tritiya.

Ansubaa says no one can stop mill from opening, it is her husband’s and also bread and butter for the labourers. He asks Ansubaa to keep her voice low and she has to accept it as it is a court orders. Kishan says this mill is my dadaji and we are opening it. We even paid the credit to the bank. Amritlal says it is my stay order, this mill is mine. Kishan says what nonsence he is talking, this mill is my dadaji’s. Amritlal says forget about the mill now, forget about opening it again. Ansubaa is shocked. He says he is the owner of the mill and he dont want the mill to be open again. He asks them to talk after thinking.

Ansubaa says to Kishan how our mill is his now. Kishan thinks may be some misunderstanding. Amritlal says you are in shock thats why you are taking it as a misunderstanding. He asks the lawyer to explain him. Lawyer says he bought the mill after paying 25 lakhs and he have all the mill papers. Kishan says how can it be possible. Amritlal says he paid 25 lakhs for the mill.

Ansubaa asks how he got our papers. Kishan asks thinks the same. Mayank looks at Hasmukh who is standing watching the drama created by him. Ansubaa says she did kept it safe but who stole it. She asks Amritlal to reply. Amritlal gets up and says keep the rascal word for the one who make a deal with me. Amritlal says he is the member of this house. Ansubaa is about to fall but Karsan and Kishan holds her. Ansubaa thinks who is the one. Amritlal comes to Hasmukh and he silently nods not to name him. Amritlal smiles. Karsan asks Baa not to think about it as he is jealous of you. Kishan asks him to come with proofs. Amritlal says he will fall from up so dont talk like that. Karsan says he will break his teeth if he speaks ill about his family.

Amritlal asks him to calm down and says chor ki daadhi me tinka.( means a stone in thief’s beard). He says he can name the one who sold the mill to him and he can have fun.

But can you tolerate it. He says he will tell the truth only to Ansubaa, bitter truth. He says it is truth that the son of this home give him the papers. Ansubaa is disgusted to hear that. Hasmukh is tensed and waiting whose name he will take. He says he is the elder son of yours, Karsan Vaishnav. Karsan is shocked. Amritlal says he is responsible for this

Kishan says he have to prove papa innocence and they have to think like Krishnaji…

Update Credit to: Hasan

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