Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ketki saying that all the food prepared have gone waste as nobody have food. Lily fayi says you should not have prepared the food. Parul hopes to get Bhoomi soon and cries. Hasmukh tells Mayank that his luck is full of thorns. Mayank says but we have to save our bahu. Hasmukh says baa will give away the mill for the sake of Bhoomi and we will sing bhagan. Lily thinks about the Bhoomi’s prestige. Parul says new trouble pop up once again. Amritlal comes to Bhoomi and asks her to eat something. Bhoomi tells him to let her go. She says she will not eat, Amritlal thinks to call Kishan.

Karsan agrees with Kishan that Amritlal must be behind Bhoomi’s Kidnapping. Ansubaa too agrees. Hasmukh says we shall give this info to the police, why

to part away with the mill papers. Ankit agrees with Hasmukh. Ansubaa didn’t agree with them and says this dharohar (wealth) is not important than family prestige. Ansubaa says we are right and Dwarkhadeesh will save our dharohar. Ramila supports Ansubaa’d decision. Kishan says he will do whatever he can and make a promise to Ansubaa that he will bring her Bahu Rani back. Ansubaa blesses him. Kishan and Dilip leaves. They arrive at the St. Thomas church and search for Bhoomi in different directions. Kishan enters some garage and gets trapped in Amritlal’s plan. While Kishan tries to free himself from the nest, Amritlal comes with his goons shocking Kishan. He welcomes Kishan. Kishan says he knew that this cheap thing was done by him. Amritlal laughs it off and says he didn’t know that he will fall in the trap laid by him.

Amritlal thanks Dwarkhadeesh and jokes that whether one plus one offer is going on there. He says he can get a huge price from Ansubaa now. He says he is waiting for the right time to mess up with Bhoomi’s and his family prestige. Kishan threatens him for his doings.

Kishan says he will kill him, he invited his bad luck. Amritlal says Bhoomi will pay for your doings and says he will see who will save your prestige. Dilip notices Amritlal’s car and thinks Kishan was right. Amritlal tells his goons to keep and eye on Kishan and says he will play with the family prestige. Dilip overhears this and says Kishan is trapped.

Ramila tells Hasmukh that Ansubaa did right and would have done the same thing if Ketki was in Bhoomi’s place. Ketki says Ansubaa didn’t do anything for her. Hasmukh also tries to brain wash Ramila. Karsan and everyone waits for Kishan’s call. Mayank suggests they shall go and check. Lily fayi and Parul gets tensed. Parul asks Karsan to call Kishan. Mayank says we shall not waste time and file the police complaint. Amritlal calls Karsan from Kishan’s mobile and says his son is in his custody. He asks Karsan to send mill papers and Haveli papers inexchange of Bhoomi and Kishan. He asks him to give the papers as soon as possible. Karsan shouts at him for his threats. Karsan informs Ansubaa that Kishan is kidnapped too. Parul breakdowns as Kishan is kidnapped.

Amritlal comes to Bhoomi and his goons informs him that she is unable to manage. Amritlal says let him get mill and haveli papers then he will sell her pride in the market. He says he will take her to Mumbai. Bhoomi looks at him angrily. Dilip enters the garage after Amritlal leaves. His goons hears some noise and goes to check. Kishan tries to get the wine bottle from his leg. Two of the goons catches Dilip and beats him. Suddenly electricity goes off accidently by Dilip while Kishan tries to free himself. The episode ends on Kishan’s struggle.

Kishan shows Bhoomi’s bangle piece and Dwarkhadeesh pendant to Dilip and says Bhoomi was right here. He finds Mumbai written on the wall and comes to conclusion that Amritlal took Bhoomi to Mumbai. He tells Dilip that he have to go to Mumbai before Amritlal do anything with Bhoomi. Meanwhile Police is seen standing there.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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