Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Episode begins on road where jay is standing all tensed he enters the office but didn’t see bhoomi who has her bag he is watching the office meanwhile bhoomi goes upstairs.. he mutters he should join the office and these people might help them to find out his bag.
At home jay father is trying to call jay but dilip mothers asks where hasu is and asks him to find hasu..
Hasu is talking to the mystery man trying to ensure him when he goes hasu mutters to himself but gets shocked to see hid son dilip infront of him… dilip asks hasu who came at this hour of night to meet him? dilip was about to interrogate more but his mother comes and takes hasu along with her….
Scene shifts to office where bhoomi comes but her friend scolds her for coming 2 minutes late on which she says she knows she is late today her friend asks about the bag but she replies it’s a long story…
Next scene:
Jay comes to reception and tells the receptionist who he is she checks and informs that she needs his documents and appointment letter then he will be able to join the office.. but he tells her he has lost his bag and all of his stuff was in it…. She asks him to sit and wait….
Next scene:
Scene shifts to hall where jay family is trying to call kishan meanwhile an inspector comes and informs them that someone deliberately burn their mill it wasn’t an accident everyone gets shocked but ansubha comes forward and says its impossible we have no enemies.. jay father agrees too but inspector says someone has burn it in order to give them pain and to get insurance money… he further tells them that the case has become complicated and they can’t get insurance money till the case gets solved…. Everyone seems sad…
Hasu gets really worried… jay father says he nobody would informs kishan about what happened here…..
Next scene:
Bhoomi enters her boss cabin and greets her but she says she is very late on which bhoomi says she didn’t got cab but her boss replies she is fed up of her lame excuses…. Bhoomi says she is only two minutes late on which her boss gives her a long lecture on importance of two minutes… she scolds her more…
Next scene:
Receptionist informs jay that he can go and meet the boss he enters her cabin
Bhoomi is taking to her friend that she was too minutes late and boss scold her so badly kishan hears their conversation and wonders if their boss cant tolerate anyone two minutes late how she will react when she will know that he lost his documents……..
Jay enters the cabin and informs the boss that he don’t have his documents on which she says he is irresponsible and totally indian types… meanwhile his phone buzzes n she gets more irritated… she further tells him he has 3 days to submit the documents if he didn’t got it he can go back to india…… he replies her that if we indian make mistakes we have power to ask for forgiveness as well and walks out of her cabin leaving her behind tongue tied…
Bhoomi says to her friend she wishes she gets jay kishan as soon as possible to handle him his bag….
Jay leaves the office and goes out…. Jay cell buzzes but he wonders how he will answer his family… they will ask him if he had join how he will answer them….

PRECAP: cops arrest jay and asks him where his passport is meanwhile at his home his mother prays to God for him safety and health…..

Update Credit to: MsLuscious

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