Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai going on the lantern’s breaking sound. He sees that side but finds no one as Paritosh hides behind the shade. Paritosh tries to keep his phone on silence but it falls. Paritosh jumps into the dirty water to hide from jai’s sight. jai sees the ohone and picks it. He thinks whose phone is it and how come its here. Chandrika is worried. Vilas asks her to be cool and Paritosh will come soon. Chandrika tells Vilas that jai is with him. Vilas is tensed. Chandrika says we hope that Paritosh comes doing the work. Dhara asks how is there. jai says no one but a phone. Chandrika calls on Paritosh’s number but jai does not see. Paritosh is shocked to see the phone with jai.

He says if jai sees that recording then, I have to do something

and take the phone back. Dhara asks jai to sit and she will bring water for him. Nanku and Aarvi come back home after playing. Nanku tells Dhara that he was waiting for her. Dhara asks Aarvi how she is. Aarvi says I m fine, we were waiting for you. Aarvi says we have a surprise for you and goes to bring it from the car. Chandrika calls again and Vilas cuts the call. He says if we call him so many times, how will he record. Dhara gets the gifts. Aarvi says my family has send this gifts. jai says Ansubaa has gives these gifts, keep it.

Aarvi asks Nanku to come with her and see her house. She tells Dhara that she had fun playing with Nanku. Nanku says I can’t leave my sister alone and I have to study. Aarvi insists. jai smiles seeing them. Dhara says Aarvi let it be, he will come sometime later. Aarvi says lets go jai, Nanku will come later. jai asks her to thank Nanku for playing with her. Aarvi thanks Nanku and Dhara. A woman asks Paritosh how did you slip in cow dung. He says yes I slipped. Paritosh sees jai with Dhara. jai asks Dhara not to worry about Paritosh, he won’t do anything to you. He gives Paritosh’s phone to Dhara. Paritosh is relieved and says its easy to take the phone back from Dhara. jai leaves with Aarvi.

Chandrika says call Paritosh now. Vilas calls him. A guy asks Dhara to give the phone. Dhara gives the phone and he gives it back to Paritosh. Paritosh talks to Chandrika and says I took the recording and I m coming home. Dhara talks to Nanku and says why did you not go with Aarvi. Nanku says because we don’t have any match. She is rich and we are not. Dhara says we are similar. Dhara says lets see how much money we got. Nanku says we have to pay the fees, we need 400rs. Dhara says ok we will pay this amount then we will give the remaining. Dhara closes the door. Nanku asks what happened. Dhara tells him about Paritosh. nanku says let him come, see my strength. Dhara smiles. He asks her not to worry as he will protect her. Dhara says yes now I m not afraid and hugs him.

Hasmukh praises Dhara for not taking the money. Parul says you would have explained her that this money was our love. jai says I did not want to hurt her. Ansubaa says we can send her s gift instead of money. Aarvi says yes and suggests. She tells them about Nanku. Everyone smiles. Chandrika and Vilas are shocked to see the bad smell coming from Paritosh. He says I slipped. Vilas smiles. Chandrika asks did jai see you. He says no. Chandrika says its good. He shows them the video. He says he has to jump in the cow dung to hide from jai. Chandrika and Vilas are shocked and gets angry.

The next morning, Dhara is making mud diyas. She wakes up Nanku and says its morning. She asks him to go to school. He says I will go to school taking the whole fees. She says you can go. She says you have to help me. He says what. She asks him to write what she says. Nanku writes and makes a banner.

Ketki, Lily and Parul comes to the market and sees Dhara selling diyas. Ketki tells them about Nanku and how Aarvi made friendship with Nanku. Parul sees Dhara and looks at her. Dhara is selling the diyas and everyone likes it. Parul says is she Dhara. She smiles seeing her. Lily says as we wished, we met her. Parul says lets meet her. Nanku brings more diyas. Nanku asks about the school fees. Dhara says the day is not yet over. Dhara talks to Parul and praises her diya creations. Dhara sees Ketki and is tensed. Ketki smiles.

Chandrika is after Dhara and her rented house. Paritosh plans to kick out Dhara out of her house.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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