Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hasmukh entering Ansubaa’s room silently like a thief in the midst of night. While he is slowly walking in the room, some showpiece falls on the ground and its noise wake up Ansubaa. Ansubaa asks him why he is here at this time. He sees the oil bottle there and says he came to get the oil bottle.
He says he came to massage her legs with an oil as he is watching her since morning. He tells as she is having pain you cant walk properly. He tells since Bhoomi comes, Parul doesn’t take care of you properly and Ramila also went to her mother’s place with Mayank. Ansubaa asks him not to do massage, but he says he also cares for her and starts massaging her legs. When he sees her sleeping, he opens the almirah and gets the mill papers from

the file. He closes the lights and gets out of the room slowly with the papers in his hands. As he is walking out of the room he faces Bhoomi who is surprised. He immediately hides the papers and is tensed.

When Bhoomi questions him why you are here? He starts questioning her and says young ones dont questions the elders and for your kind information he says he did seva( care )of Ansubaa. Bhoomi leaves and Hasmukh is relieved. Hasmukh thinks he was not caught by Ansubaa and Bhoomi and it is his luck. As he turns, he faces Mayank standing infront of him. The papers fall from his hands and Mayank picks the papers and about to read but Hasmukh takes it back saying it is his dead validation. Hasmukh angrily asks him to sleep as it is very late at night and only owl wakes up in the night, when Mayank questions why you are awake when you knew that owl only wake at night. Hasmukh says because he is a owl. He asks him to do his own business. Hasmukh leaves. Mayank says may be you will some big think and I will get the info about your doings Jijaji.

Bhoomi tells that she saw kakaji coming out of Ansubaa’s room and she saw fear in his eyes. She says something is not normal. She sees Kishan sleeping and says I was talking to myself. She caress his hairs and says to meet you I think I have to come in your dreams.

Hasmukh keeps the papers safely in his almirah. Ramila comes and says she is tired of doing work as is sweating. Hasmukh taunts her. Just then phone rings, he pics the call but was tensed. He is relieved when he gets the call from the bank employee asking to take loan. He scolds them and disconnects the call.

Ramila says you might get the loan so that I can get a necklace. Hasmukh says then who will return the loan.. your father. She leaves angrily. Ramila says why are you getting angry but dont be angry on me. Another calls comes and Ramila thinks it is same bank employee and picks the call and says my husband will bury you alive not once but three times. she says you dont know my husband Hasmukh Vaishnav. Amrutlal is on the other side. She threatens him not to call anymore. Amrutlal says give call to your husband. Amrutlal is annoyed. Amrutlal asks Ramila to tell asks your husband to get the papers but she declines. She says She will bury him alive, she keeps on saying like a film hero. Hasmukh comes there and is surprised to see her talking like that. Hasmukh is scared when he came to know it is Amrutlal’s call. He calls him and says his wife misunderstood him for a bank employee. Amrutlal asks him to get the papers in a half an hour or else…. Hasmukh says he will get the papers.

Hasmukh takes the papers and as he is leaving, he is stop by Ramila who asks him to have the drink. He asks her to drink instead and walks away.

Ramila is checking the food prepared by Ketki. Bhoomi comes and greets them. Ketki asks her to get the Maha ayogan preparation done and what is she doing here? Servant comes and informs bhoomi that someone comes from the printing press and was waiting for her. Bhoomi says he might have come for the invitation card matter. but she says how to go as she was rolling the Aata. Ketki says she will go and you carry on. Bhoomi says when intentions are true then one can do anything with even two hands. Ketki irked. Bhoomi washes her hands and leaves. She gives the matter to be published on the invitation card to the person who arrived to collect it. He leaves saying it will be ready in 2-3 hours. Bhoomi comes back to kitchen and starts rolling the aata. Meanwhile ketki stops the person midway and says she have to do some changes. she takes his pen and changes. She thinks when card comes, water will splash on Bhoomi’s hard work. Episode ends on her cruelly face.

Karsan sees the cards and is quite shocked. He stares at Bhoomi and Kishan. Ansubaa and all the family are waiting to see the cards. Ansubaa asks is there any mistakes in it. Karsan is still in shocked and loss of words.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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