Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai asking Dhara to take rest. She gets the same dream again and is worried. She hears someone saying its the last month and she won’t be able to save Jai. She asks who is it and calls Parul. Dipika plays the recording and laughs. Jai comes. Dhara says save Jai. Jai says I m fine. Parul says see Jai is fine. Parul asks what happened. Dhara says I heard some voice saying I won’t be able to save you. She says you won’t go anywhere. He says fine, I will be with you. Paruul says take her to doctor, do the tests. Jai says fine. Dipika says I will come with you. The doctor says her BP is high, give her medicines on time. Jai tells about Dhara’s behavior.

The doctor says I will check the reports, she needs your support also. He says

you should be with her always. Jai says sure, I will not make her away from me. Jai smiles looking at Dhara. Dipika gets angry and thinks they are getting closer which I don’t want. Ansubaa asks where is Dhara and how is she. Parul says she is getting ready and Jai is taking care of her. Dipika tells Ketki that Jai is always with Dhara. Ketki says we will gradually do everything. Hitesh comes and no one notices him. He gets angry and tells Avni no one looks at me. He tells this to Lily. He says I want to do the puja. Parul tells Ansubaa we wanted Jai and Dhara to do it. Dipika tells Hitesh that puja will be done by Jai and Dhara. Hitesh gets angry.

Ketki smiles. Hitesh says fine, let them do the puja. He says its Dhara’s first holi. Everyone smile. Hitesh leaves with Avni. Parul thanks Dipika for saving them. Jai comes to Dhara. Sajna mera………… plays………….. He says I will be with you every moment. Dhara feels happy and says I don’t want to get your habit as this life is a dream. Everyone are together to start the holi puja. Jai and Dhara does the puja. They burn the Holika and pray. Chandrika comes and greets everyone. Everyone are shocked to see her. Chandrika says happy holi. I came here to tell that I m out of jail and I will bring troubles in your house.

She says Ansubaa, now the war will be from front, if possible save your family. Ansubaa scolds Chandrika. Chandrika says the time will show who wins. Chandrika leaves. Hasmukh gets angry. Ansuaba says her Lord will see her, I pray that my family always stays happy and fine. Ketki wakes up and comes out. Everyone laugh seeing her. Dilip takes her photo and show her. Ketki says who did this. Dilip says I don’t know. Dipika says I did this. Ketki says why, don’t talk to me now. Dipika colors her. Ketki also applies her color and laughs. Hasmukh jokes. Ketki wishes everyone happy holi. Everyone play holi. Dhara hugs Jai and Sajna mera……. plays………….Everyone are happy seeing them.

Everyone play holi. Holi khele……….. plays…………… The men dance.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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