Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kishan holding Bhoomi from backwards in a loving way. Bhoomi says what is he doing. Kishan says he is taking away his prize as he confessed his love for her infront of all the family. Bhoomi says anybody can tell by cheating. Kishan says if it is that easy then… he thinks for a while and ask her to kiss him infront of all. Bhoomi gets shy and says naughty boy, he says he is gujju boy. He holds her again and says gujarati people fulfill the promise and I fulfilled, now it is your turn. Bhoomi says dont fool her, and says gujrati never kiss infront of all. Kishan says but gujrati bahu accepts her husband’s wishes so your husband wants you to kiss if not infront of all then in alone. Bhoomi replies that love is done by heart and not by lips.

Kishan appreciates her. Bhoomi tells him I love you in gujrati to which Kishan also replies that he loves her immensely. They hug each other.

Ramila praises Bhoomi saying their imported bahu has organised everything beautifully and previously no one from their family did like her. Ketki is very much annoyed and says she make us fool. She says ansubaa give her all the responsibilities of maha ayogan but she very cleverly give all the responsibilities to us. you tell us why we shall take her responsibility. Her husband comes there and says it is their house. He says in this house responsibility is for all and this maha ayogan is for all the Vaishnav family. Ketki is speechless. Her husband says bhoomi learnt in one month and you never learnt this all these years. Parul says Bhoomi understood that the responsibilty is for all and nobody is small or big if do any work. Ramila also praises bhoomi again.

He leaves asking her to be good. Ketki says Bhoomi will not win and it will be prove on Akshaya Tritiya day.

Hasmukh is on the phone call, Ramila comes and sits near him. Hasmukh is shocked. Ramila give him hot water massage for his back pain. When Ramila asks him why is he tensed? He smiles and thinks mota bhai and kishan will know the trouble name in the morning.

Bhoomi gives prasad to Kishan in the morning. Meanwhile Kishan is trying to open the laptop. Bhoomi says it is not opening yet. Kishan says I think we need to get it repair in a service centre. Bhoomi thinks in a flashback how milk curdled the other day and says it is same as the milk curdled. When kishan asks What? She says nothing and shows him the sample of invitation cards. Cards fall on the ground and they sits to pick it, they eyelock making the scene awesome while the song is playing Jeene laga hun pehle se zyada. When Bhoomi tries to go saying she needs to show the cards to baa, Kishan holds her pallu to stop her, but she leaves giving him a shy smile.

Bhoomi comes to Ansubaa and request her to finalise the card. Ansubaa looks on. Avni is happy to see the cards. Ansubaa says when you took the responsibility then you select the card of your choice but dont take too much time. Kishan comes there and says cards will be printed in 3 hours. Kishan asks ansubaa to have a look at a machinery. She leaves. Bhoomi says she will get the card published chosen by Avni. Avni is happy. Ketki feels she will be alone.

Kishan shows the machinery photos to Ansubaa. Ansubaa is touched to see the pics and her dream was finally coming up which was ruined. Kishan says it will be real and will come true. Hasmukh thinks you see which reality will come to you? Some courier comes for Karsan from super builders. Karsan is quite shocked. Hasmukh taunts that you are buying a new home when we dont have money. Karsan declines that he was n’t aware of anything and he didn’t asks for the booklet. Hasmukh further says you might be getting yourself a home for your kids. Ansubaa says this is our home and it is not foreign where people lives seperately.

Hasmukh asks her to tell this to mota bhai. She says she dont need to say this to Karsan as he is not selfish and if by mistake he thinks like that, then he will tell me. I have faith in him. she tells Hasmukh to think twice before speaking ill of him. Karsan says to Hasmukh that baa have faith in him and he never thinks of leaving this home. Hasmukh says he didn’t told it intentionally.

Karsan tells him one last time that he didnt ask for the booklet. Karsan thinks who might be the person who tried to tarnish his imaga and faith in Ansubaa eyes. Hasmukh says this is just a start and because of you, I am useless infront of all and you have to pay for this.

Kishan comes home and Bhoomi asks him whether he got the cards printed. Kishan says no and says he went to get the laptop repair and was informed that water have fallen on the laptop. Bhoomi is surprised. Ketki is tensed. He asks her not to worry and cards will be published tomorrow and they will keep it for Dwarkhadeesh’s blessings.

Ketki’s husband comes and Hasmukh asks him what is the matter. He says he got the mill papers xerox and shows him the same. Hasmukh asks him to keep the papers in ansubaa’s room. When he leaves, Hasmukh smiles evilly.

In the midst of night, Hasmukh enters Ansubaa’s room like a thief and sees her sleeping. while he is walking slowly, something falls on the ground and Ansubaa wakes up and open the lights. Hasmukh is shocked while Ansubaa is surprised to see him there. Episode ends on Hasmukh shocked face.

When Hasmukh gets out of Ansubaa’s room after getting the mill papers, he is shocked to face Bhoomi there standing and hides the papers. Bhoomi asks him why he is here at this time. Hasmukh tries to answer her.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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