Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked to see the video where jai is beaten up. Dilip says there is a name and address on the CD. Dipika says it might be fake, no one will give the right address. Parul cries. Ansubaa says we should call the police now. Ansubaa says we now know that jai is fine, he did not meet with any accident. Ramila says jai will be fine. Ansubaa says we will reach jai with the help of police. Hasmukh calls the police. A lady inspector is shown. She comes to the Vaishnav house and greets everyone. She says I m Durga, I m seeing your case. Ansubaa talks to her. She says I have the details. Hasmukh introduces everyone to her.

She says show me the CD. Dilip plays the CD and she looks on. Chandrika comes home with Ravi. Durga

looks at them and asks who are they. Karsan says she is our cousin sister who lost her sight. Karsan tells Chandrika that inspector came as someone kidnapped jai. Chandrika reacts to it innocently and asks the inspector to find the culprit. Durga asks do you doubt anyone. Hasmukh looks at Chandrika. Karsan stops Hasmukh from saying anything. Hasmukh says no. She says any letter. Hasmukh gives her the letter. She says the kidnapper will call soon and demand. She says inform me when you get the call. She asks about Ravi. Karsan says he is our driver and its his first day today.

Ansubaa says I don’t understand who can do this. Hasmukh says they will be caught soon. Ansubaa says how should I hold myself till then, and what about Parul and Dhara. Parul cries thinking about jai. Dhara comes to her. Parul is annoyed with her. Dipika comes in between and stops Dhara. She blames Dhara for all this. She says this happened because of you, if you went with jai, this would have not happened. Dhara says I wanted to go with him, I don’t know why I woke up late. Dhara asks Parul do you trust me. Parul is silent. Dipika says you got your answer now, go from here and sleep, I m with Parul. Parul says Dipika is right, you go Dhara.
Dhara leaves upset. Dipika smiles. Dhara cries thinking about Parul’s words. Dhara says the Lord knows my truth, how should I make everyone believe me, where should I find jai, show me some way to reach jai. Everyone wait for kidnapper’s call. Chandrika asks Karsan what is the inspector’s plan. She tries to find out about the police. Hasmukh says I told Dilip to make Rs 10 crore ready as we will get the call soon. Chandrika is happy. A call comes. Everyone looks on. Hasmukh takes the call. Hasmukh comes to know that Ramila’s mum is unwell and got a heart attack. He tells this to Ramila and everyone. Ramila cries. Everyone are shocked. Hasmukh says you go Ramila. Ramila says I can’t go leaving Parul here. Ansubaa asks Ramila to go. Ansubaa says jai will be back before you come back.

Hitesh asks Avni to tie him in the rope and switch off the lights and take his pics. He says then tell everyone that I m kidnapped. I want to see how will they rate me, how much can they pay to save me. Lily comes and says we did not know anything about jai. Hitesh acts sweet to her and lies. Avni is upset seeing Hitesh’s cleverness. Hitesh says I should have kidnapped jai. Dhara thinks about jai in ropes and cries. She cuts her finger thinking about him. Aarvi talks to her and says jai will come soon as he loves you and me a lot. Dhara smiles.

Dhara asks Chandrika with whom were you talking. Dhara catches Chandrika lying.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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