Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi looking lovingly at Kishan and caresses his face while the music plays in the background. Kishan wakes up from sleep, and hugs her. Both of them get closer on the bed. Bhoomi tells him it looks like a dream and no one should eye their happiness.

Amritlal tells himself that he will break Vaishnav family unity and very soon he will do something which will bring trouble in their lives. He laughs saying so.

While the family is on the way to Picnic, they sings songs happily. The bus driver drives so what rashly. Karsan asks him whether he had a quarrel with his wife early morning. Driver replies that cat came infront of the bus. They asks the driver to stop at the dhaba for having food. All of them get down to have some food.

Bus driver too gets down the bus and asks the dhaba boy to get some soda. He mixes something in the soda by taking money from Amritlal’s aids. Driver unaware of that, drinks the soda. All of them get inside the bus after having food.

Lily fayi and her husband Mayank argues about their respective seats. Dilip gets up from his seat, making Ketki angry. The bus driver starts the bus, Ansubaa prays to Dwarkhadeesh to take them to Mount Abu without any troubles. Lily fayi says the same and says we will do the prayers. Parul informs Ansubaa that it is ekadashi today. They wonders how they forget such an important day. Karsan says Kishan and Bhoomi will attend the Ekadashi prayers. Parul says but Kishan is not well naa, he isn’t picking any calls.

Bhoomi and Kishan are still spending time with each other and hearing songs. Bhoomi says it is Nans collection of music. Kishan says he thought the same. Bhoomi and Kishan talk about Nans. Bhoomi gets emotional, thinking about Nans. Dilip calls Kishan and he says all is set. Dilip is happy. Kishan thanks him. Ansubaa asks him about his health.

Kishan says he is still recovering and Bhoomi is taking care of him. Ansubaa asks him to attend Ekadashi Prayers. Kishan says they will go. Suddenly bus driver feels dizzy and bus loses its stability. Everybody feels scared. Mayank asks the driver to open the door, but driver is unable to say anything. Someone is following the bus on the bike and hangs on the bus. She sits on the driver seat and saves everyone. Everyone gets down the bus, Karsan says we are saved because of this girl. Ansubaa gives her aashirwaad and asks who are you as her face is veiled. She removes her veil and Ansubaa is shocked to see Bharti. Everyone too is suprised and shocked. Bharti tells Ansubaa that you are bleeding. She wipes it off. Bharti says she is the same Bharti they knew. Karsan asks about driver’s health.

Dilip tells Mayank that it will take time for the doctor to come. Ankit sees the driver unconscious. Bharti says everything will be fine. Bharti comes to Lily and says everything will be fine, dont worry. She tries to supports all. Parul says Lord sent you at the right time and you saved us. Lily fayi asks her how you came to know that we are in this bus. Bharti says she works nearby and saw the bus losing it track. Ramila also praises her for saving her life. Bharti says she would have do the same thing there was someone else in the bus. Parul tells Karsan that she suffered much because of them. The episode ends on Ansubaa tensed face.

At the prayer, Pandit tells Bhoomi and Kishan that someone will come in their lives with back foot and will destroy the family.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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