Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parul seeing jai sitting alone in Bhoomi’s thoughts. She wishes she gets her son back. Dhara enters the Vaishnav Haveli with her toys. She looks around the haveli. Parul wishes jai’s smile is always on his face and he gets rid of his past’s darkness. Dhara touches something and it breaks. jai wakes up shouting Bhoomi. He sees his mum Parul and is silent. Dhara thinks what did she do, she will have to pay for it if anyone sees it. Ketki comes and asks Dhara who she is. Dhara arrgues with her and says my toys always broke. Dhara says I need my Rs. 100. She asks Ketki to call her head. Ketki says I m the head. Dhara thinks she is a servant. Ketki says I m not a servant here. Ketki says I m this house’s bahu.

Dhara asks her

to call jai. Ketki makes her get out of the house and calls the servants. Dhara says I won’t go without taking my Rs. 100. Dhara leaves. Ramila gives laddus to Hasmukh and says these are for Dhara. He says ok. She says you are going to give her money, so I thought to send sweets for her. Hasmukh asks how many did you eat while making the laddus. He laughs. Ketki comes and Ramila tells her that Hasmukh is going to give money to Dhara. Ketki understands that it was Dhara who saved Aarvi and is tensed. Ramila asks what happened. Ketki says that girl came to our house and I insulted her and made her go out of this house.

Vilas is happy to see Dhara’s photo and asks the goon where did you get her photo. He says we have to settle our scores with her. Paritosh sees her photo and says we will for sure. Vilas says her address and her name is Dhara. Vilas says why did she come after us and became Sita Maiyya. Paritosh laughs and says lets do Sita Haran if she is the Sita. Chandrika hears this and smiles.

Dhara is selling toys on the road and her sandal breaks. She thinks she would have got Rs. 100 and pay Anku’s fees. Ramila tells Ketki that you did wrong, what was the need to make her go out. Ketki says I did not understand her, I did not know what she meant. Dilip is annoyed and says you made Dhara go out, what will she think. Parul says she will be thinking wrong about us, she saved Aarvi. Ansubaa says maybe she needs money, so she came to take Rs. 100. Ketki is tensed. Ansubaa says its your mistake Ketki. Ansubaa asks Dilip to go to Dhara and give her money and sweets. Dilip and Hasmukh says we both are busy. They say someone has to go, but who will go, Aarvi says I will go.

Parul says how will you go alone. Aarvi says I won’t go alone. Ansubaa says then you will go with whom. jai is listening to Bhoomi’s recording and thinks of Bhoomi. He cries and Aarvi wipes his tears. jai says I knew you will come. Aarvi asks how did you know that I will come. jai says you.. Aarvi asks were you crying. She says get ready, we have to go somewhere. She says I will bring your clothes. jai says Dilip will take you. Aarvi tells him what happened in the house about Dhara and Ketki. She says maybe she needs money and if we don’t give her money on time, then it will be bad. She says we have to go and buy a gift for her and have fun in the fair. jai says ok, I will take you, but not today, tomorrow. Aarvi insists and says you used to listen to Bhoomi and not me.

jai says ok, happy. Aarvi smiles. Ketki is making the items list and talks to Parul. The women work in the kitchen together. Parul is upset. Ramila asks her are you thinking about jai. She says I told you not to think about jai. She says jai will celebrate every festival with us soon and his smile will come back. They are glad to see Aarvi with jai. Ketki asks where are you going. Aarvi says I m going to meet Dhara. Parul says its because of Dhara, jai came out of Bhoomi’s memories. She wishes Dhara gets all the happiness. Dhara is selling the toys at a road side. Paritosh breaks Dhara’s toys and she challenges him to face her. Dhara is shocked to see him.

Paritosh is after Dhara and she runs seeing him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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