Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa asking Dhara whats all this. Ketki taunts Dhara and speaks against her. Jai reacts and says enough now. Dhara cries. Jai says I won’t hear a word against Dhara now, it was not her mistake. Ketki says why are you supporting her. Dipika says enough, why are you blaming Dhara. She supports Dhara. She says Dhara would have died if that was true. She says did you see the place. Dipika asks Dhara to tell the truth what happened, and don’t be scared. She asks what were you doing there at that place. Dhara goes to her room. Parul asks Jai what is the matter. Dipika says we should give her some time then she will tell the truth.

Jai tells everyone what happened. He says it was not Dhara’s mistake, it happened because of my mistake.

Dhara thinks of her arrest and Ketki’s taunts. She says what did this happen Kishan ji. She says Jai and his family have to face such shame because of me. She says do anything but save everyone from this problem, else I will die. Dipika says see Dhara is innocent. Ketki says we can’t forgive her now. She says Jai will support her, we have to decide what we have to believe. Dilip stops Jai and says go to Dhara, she needs you. Jai says Dhara was in big problem. He requests Ansubaa to trust Dhara. She was with us in our bad time, she needs our support and I will give her that. Parul smiles. Jai says I don’t care what everyone thinks. He leaves.

Hasmukh says we all know the truth, but who will reply to the society. Ansubaa says let them think, even I was scared, but after knowing the truth, I m sure that Dhara is innocent and we should support her. She says make a press not and get it printed and tell everyone that we are proud of Dhara and her values. Hitesh sees Dipika getting angry. Dipika says I made such a fool proof plan and Dhara still got saved. Hitesh comes to her. He says you need someone to help and guide you. He says we both are struggling for our right, if we both unite, then we can help each other.

Dipika says I don’t need anyone’s help and leaves. Hitesh says she will agree in few days as she can’t do anything without my help. Jai apologizes to Dhara. JHe says I hate myself for my mistakes. Dhara says why are you apologizing, I should be sorry. He says enough cursing yourself, my Dhara can’t do any sin. He says stay happy as you look good happy and smiling. He says don’t worry, I will make everything fine. Dhara smiles. She leaves.

Dipika and Ketki have a talk how Dipika made the plan against Dhara and acted sweet to her. Ketki smiles and says I was thinking what happened to you, I m sure you will win. Hasmukh hears them and knocks the door. Ketki asks what happened. Hasmukh says Jiten wants to talk to Dipika. Hasmukh looks at them. Dipika returns his phone. He leaves. Ketki says i was scared thinking he heard us talking. Hasmukh says how can they be so friendly after they argued in the hall. He says there is something fishy. Parul and Dhara cook together. Parul asks Dhara to take rest and she will work. Dhara says no, I m fine. Parul says I forgot to make Chaanjh. Dhara says I will make it.

Dhara thinks of her bad dream and Parul asks what happened. Dhara says Jai………. Parul asks what are you thinking. Dhara says I got a very bad dream and I m worried. Parul says don’t worry, now nothing bad will happen as we all are with you. Jai gets ready for a meeting. Ansubaa asks him to wait as the food is coming. Jai asks Ansubaa to control her bahus. Ansubaa calls Parul and says he is breaking our unity. He holds his ears and says don’t speak against my bahus. Jai smiles. Dhara sees him in the same coat as she saw in her dream and is shocked. She asks him to remove the coat and wear something else. Jai and everyone ask what happened. Dhara says I can’t explain.

Dipika looks shocked. Dhara starts crying. Dhara says I don’t want him to wear this coat, I m doing this for his good. Jai says what is this, and removes the coat. Dhara leaves with the coat and talks to Kishan ji. She says I understood your sign today. She says I will ruin everything that can ruin Jai. She burns the coat. Jai comes and is shocked. Everyone are shocked to see the fire.

Dipika talks to Dhara and says Ansubaa is angry on you as you burnt the coat. Dhara says that coat can risk Jai’s life. Dipika thinks of using Dhara’s bad dreams.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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