Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dilip and Kishan searching for Bhoomi on the road. Karsan gets worried what to tell to Ansubaa about Bhoomi’s whereabouts. Hasmukh asks Ketki to give medicines to Ansubaa. Parul is worried and says she is tensed about Ansubaa’s health as they dont have any answer if Ansubaa asks about Bhoomi. Ketki brings milk for Ansubaa, Ansubaa asks about Bhoomi. Ketki makes an excuse that Bhoomi is in kitchen, Ansubaa says to convey her message to Bhoomi and asks her to meet her. Dilip and Kishan search for her everywhere. Kishan wonders where is she? Dilip tells Kishan to talk to Nani about her. Kishan says it is not impossible that Bhoomi left home without informing him and of Nans didn’t know anything about her then what he would explain to her.

Dilip says they have to complain in the police. They come back home. Parul says what they will tell to Ansubaa if they file the complaint. Hasmukh also disagrees. Hasmukh says may be Bhoomi left home with her wish. Karsan disagrees. Hasmukh says Bhoomi didn’t think of the family reputation and left home.

Kishan interrupts and says his Bhoomi didn’t left home and why would she go? He says his Bhoomi didn’t left him and his home. Kishan wonders about Bhoomi’s whereabouts. Karsan tells Hasmukh to think before speaking anything. Hasmukh says he speaks only truth. Kishan goes in his room and search for his passport. He gets in the almirah and is relieved that Bhoomi didn’t left him. Bharti gets an evil idea and she sends a message from Bhoomi’s mobile to Kishan. The sms reads that “she is unable to adjust in his house and therefore leaving his home”. All are shocked. Hasmukh says truth came out finally. Kishan says it is not true and he will not accept this. He tells Hasmukh not to speak anything without thinking. Kishan suspects foul play and says he will talk to Bhoomi.
Kishan calls on Bhoomi’s number, Bharti smiles looking at the phone and tells Ankit that she got the phone by the destiny. She feels pity on Kishan and says let him be worried. Kishan tries once again but phone isn’t answered. Next time she disconnects the call. Kishan thinks what is happening. Hasmukh says she is breaking the relation. Ankit says he is enjoying a lot.

Bharti says she is not aware of Bhoomi’s whereabouts and thinks to be in the good books of the Vaishnav family. Ankit says what if Bhabhi returns home. Bharti says nothing will happen and asks Ankit to damaged the phone and prays that Bhoomi didn’t return back. Ankit looks at the mobile and thinks it seems to be costly. He thinks it must be valued Rs.15000 -20000, He decides to keep it with him and sell it off when the time is right. Ramila says she was happy here, but Hasmukh says she was not happy but trying to adjust and be happy but she failed. Karsan asks him to keep quiet and thinks there is some mishap and we have to go to the police station. Kishan leaves. Parul says let him be alone for sometime. He is broken from inside and says he is going through a lot as he loves her a lot. She prays for Kishan and Bhoomi’s jodi to be safe.

Ketki brings Dalya for Ansubaa and asks her to eat soon. Ansubaa says Bhoomi didn’t come to meet her and feels she is upset with her. She asks Ketki to bring Bhoomi now. Parul comes and says Bhoomi went to mandir. Ketki also says the same. Parul says she will be with Ansubaa while Ketki leaves. She asks about her health. Ansubaa says she is fine and getting fat. Ansubaa asks why did Bhoomi left for Mandir suddenly. Parul makes an excuse that she is doing the puja for Ansubaa’s well being. She further says she left for the mandir at 4 pm and she didn’t disturb Ansubaa because she was resting at that time. Parul asks Ansubaa to have dalya and silently prays to God that Bhoomi shall return soon.

In the night, Kishan thinks about Hasmukh words and says he will not accept that Bhoomi send that message. Then he wonders who send that message to him. Kishan opens the almirah and finds Bhoomi’s clothes and travel kit. He thinks she must have taken this if she left him. He thinks she left home in the middle of night as she left home without taking bath, he opines that she is in danger.

Bhoomi is shown somewhere, unconscious and tied to the chair. The goon goes to meet Amritlal. Amritlal accolade them for kidnappying Bhoomi. He says Vaishnavi family’s life is trapped within his power. He says Vaishnav family will be pained for her pains. He laughs saying it will be fun. The episode ends on Amritlal’s mean face.

Amritlal calls Ansubaa and informs her that her Bahu Rani is in his custody. Ansubaa gets shocked and repeats my bahu rani in someone else custody.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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