Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa pacifying Parul. Ansubaa asks the inspector to do an enquiry and find jai in the nearby hospital. The inspector says we tried our best. Ansubaa says maybe jai reached Ahmedabad. Hasmukh says he has not. Ansubaa says then where is he. Chandrika says this happened because of me. Ansubaa says why are you saying this. Chandrika says I was speaking bad and I m feeling bad. She scares them further. Ansubaa says nothing will happen to jai, speak positive. She says we will pray to the Lord that jai is fine. Parul faints. Hitesh says Avni come with me. Everyone take Parul to the room. Dhara cries.

Parul asks for jai. Parul asks Dhara why did you do this, I told you have to be with jai, why did you not go with jai. Dhara says

I wanted to go, I don’t know why I did not get up. Ramila supports Dhara. Parul says I will not forgive you if anything happens to my jai. Parul and Dhara cry. Dhara thinks about Parul’s words and cries. Ketki and Dipika are happy seeing her. Ketki says did you see we have done a big mistake not sending Dhara with jai. Dipika says trust me, jai will be safe and we will know about him, don’t worry, I have called dad, he has many connections. Dipika says its the first time Parul scolded Dhara and I will make them fight more so that they never unite.

Ravi talks to Chandrika. Chandrika says I have hired you and I m paying you. She laughs. Ravi smiles. She says did you kidnap jai. He says yes. She asks about the second work. He says its in process, only one hour. Chandrika says great, I want to see jai now, take me to him. Hitesh meets Ansubaa and greets her. Hitesh tries to show his contacts. Ansubaa asks Karsan how is Parul. Dilip says she is fine, but annoyed with Dhara. Ansubaa says she is jai’s mum, I will explain her, we don’t have right to be annoyed with Dhara, she has always saved jai.

Ansubaa says I will talk to her. Hitesh asks Avni to make food for him and acts rude to her. He says hide the food and bring. He says I lied to Ansubaa to impress her. Avni is upset. Dhara is in her room crying and thinking about jai. She thinks about Parul’s words. Dhara sees Bhoomi’s photo and says I m sorry, I did not take care of jai, he is in problem because of my mistake. She sees her and jai’s photo and flowers. She says I saw this in his bag, it means he left this for me. She hugs the flowers and is worried about jai.

She comes to the Lord with candles. She lights the candles and says I m here because of jai and he is not here because of me, its my mistake, he is in danger, I should punish my eyes. She is about to put hot wax in her eyes. Ansubaa stops her and slaps her. Everyone come and see her. Ansubaa says why are you punishing for the mistake you have not done. Dhara hugs her. Ansubaa says we know the truth. Ramila says we know you did not do this purposely. Lily supports Dhara. Ramila says don’t try to do this again. Ansubaa says have faith in the Lord. Ansubaa says we will know about jai soon.

A courier comes and they get a CD with a letter. Dilip is shocked to read it. Hasmukh asks what happened. Dilip gives him the letter. Hasmukh reads it and is shocked. Hasmukh says call everyone in the hall. Dipika plays the CD. Everyone are shocked to see jai kidnapped. They see the video where someone hits on jai’s head. Its Ravi who kidnapped jai. Everyone cry seeing jai hurt. jai’s head bleeds.

Chandrika asks Ravi to be careful. Ravi says don’t worry, no one can reach jai.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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