Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 19th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone confronting Prachi. Prachi tries to take Dilip in his words but he says you have cheated me big time. Raghu fights with Dilip but jai comes in between. Prachi says if anything happens to Raghu, I will file your brother in physical abuse case. jai says see Dilip, you were leaving Ketki for this woman. jai says Prachi there won’t be any need to call the police, we will find out the truth of the baby and will send your husband to the jail. Hasmukh says you see now, what we can do. Raghu and Prachi are tensed.

Raghu says we did this for the greed of money. He apologizes to them. Prachi also apologizes to everyone and asks them to think about her baby. jai says fine, I will leave you, don’t do this again and with anyone,

I won’t leave you then. Everyone leave from there. Prachi says sorry to Dilip. She looks at Raghu and cries. Everyone come home. Parul lights the diya in the mandir. Ramila says everything is fine now, the Lord has saved our family, its good the truth came out, else we would have lost Ketki.

Parul says we should be thankful to Dhara for bringing the truth out. She wishes Dhara always stays happy. Everyone are happy at home. jai talks to Dilip and asks why did you hide this from us till now. Ansubaa says I will say. She says he has done this to save our family image. She says he was facing all this alone for our sake. She says forget all this thinking as a bad dream. She says jiten, can we get jai and Dipika engaged now. Dhara is upset hearing this. She looks at jai. Dipika smiles and goes being shy.

Ketki says yes, let Dipika become this house’s bahu. The family has supported me, not Dilip in the hour of problems. She says Dipika will be happy here. Ansubaa asks jiten what are you thinking. She says do you think our family does not deserve Dipika. jiten says its nothing like that but ……… Karsan asks but what. jiten says it was a bad shagun, lets match their kundlis first. Karsan says but the proposal is fixed right. Ansubaa says I can understand, you worry for Dipika, don’t worry, we will go ahead after matching the kundlis. She asks Parul to give jai’s kundli to jiten. Ketki says if their hearts met, their kundlis will also match. She goes to tell this to Dipika.

Ketki comes to Dipika and says jiten agreed for your engagement. Dipika is happy. Ketki says but he wants to match the kundlis. Dipika says what if our kundlis does not match. Ketki says that won’t happen. Ansubaa asks jiten to go to any pandit and match the kundlis. Hasmukh gets Nalhari bhai’s call and Ansubaa talks to him and is happy that he is coming to her house. She tells everyone that a sage is coming and might reach anytime. She asks Parul to welcome him well. jiten asks who is this sage, who predicts our future and he is always right. Hasmukh says why is he coming this time. jai looks on.

jai sees Dhara and says Dhara, thankyou, its because of you Dilip got saved. Dhara says don’t say thanks. He says whom should I thank. She says Kishan ji, he showed me the way, he saved Dilip. jai says yes, but I want to thank you as you have helped our family. He smiles seeing her. Sajna Ve………………. plays………………….. He helps her in holding a cloth and Parul comes to them and says its looking that Lord is happy with us. He says tell me if you have any work and leaves. Dhara asks the sage might be very knowledgable, you believe in him right. Parul says yes, we preach him. Dhara smiles.

Everyone are talking about Dilip and thanks the Lord. Ansubaa asks Parul did you do the arrangements to welcome Guru ji. Parul says yes. Ansubaa says I think he will bring some good news for our family. Guru ji comes and everyone are happy to see him. They go to him and greets him. Dhara smiles seeing him. jai looks on. Guru ji sits and looks at jai. He gets worried seeing jai. Parul asks Dhara to bring food for him and ask jiten and Dilip to come and greet him. jiten and Dipika come and greet him. Guru ji blesses all. Guru ji tells Dilip that you got saved because of your wife, don’t ever leave her.

Guru ji asks jai not to touch his feet if he does not feel so from his heart, he says I came only for you today. Everyone are puzzled. Guru ji touches jai’s forehead and says your future is deadly, we have to do something to change it else you won’t exist in this world. He applies a tilak to jai. Everyone are shocked. Ansubaa says what are you saying. Guru ji says I m saying what I can see.

Guru ji says jai’s life is in danger. jai looks at him as if he does not believe this. Guru ji says your deadly time is going ti being at today’s sunset time. Everyone are shocked. Guru ji says the coming seven months are very dangerous for him, any moment can be the last one for him. Ansubaa says so you came here after 18 years, I m worried as whatever you told us has always become the truth. Ansubaa says is there any way to avoid this. Guru ji says I wish Bhoomi was with you all. Everyone start crying and are shocked.

Dhara talks to jai on the terrace and railing wall is about to break on which jai is relying his weight. jai is unknown. He falls seddenly and Dhara shouts.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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