Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chandrika seeing Paritosh’s anger. She asks him to have food as he won’t get his respect back. Paritosh says that girl has ruined my plan, I don’t want to eat. Chandrika asks what, which girl. Vilas says she plays Sita’s role in Ram Leela. Paritosh says she is not any Sita, she is a toy seller and she told jai about Aarvi and she saved Aarvi from our hands. Chandrika says so she fooled my sons. Paritosh is angry. Chandrika is thinking of jai and smiles. Her brother breaks the coin box. She says what did you do, he says I want money for my fees. Dhara is upset as she feels bad for her brother. She wishes the Lord to help her. Her brother says I don’t want firecrackers, I want to pay my fees. She says one day we will have enough

money, that we could do everything with much money. She hugs him.

Paritosh opens the door and some woman comes and says Chandrika called me. Chandrika asks her to take their measurements. Paritosh asks why. Chandrika says a toy seller has fooled you and I m ashamed of you both. The woman leaves. Chandrika looks at her sons and makes Paritosh realize his mistake. Paritosh says I will take revenge from jai and even Dhara. I won’t leave her. He says it happened because of that girl. Dhara asks Kishan ji to fill her life with colours. She talks to the Lord and wishes the Lord helps her as she has responsibility of her brother Anku and she is in loan. She says I have to buy clothes, crackers and sweets for Anku. She says ask Kishan ji to help me. She says atleast jai can return her Rs. 100. She thinks what she can do now. She smiles getting an idea. She thinks of going to meet jai and his family.

Ansubaa says I think we should give some prize to Dhara. Hasmukh says yes. Ansubaa says where does she live. Hasmukh says she is Dhara and sells toys in the exhibition and has a brother, and I don’t know where she lives. Ansubaa says find out, she saved Dhara. jai comes and says you are right. I will find out where she lives then we will help her out with money or sweets. Ansubaa says we should personally go and do this. She asks jai to meet her and give her the money tomorrow. jai says no, I won’t go anywhere tomorrow. Parul says jai met Bhoomi on that day for the first time, so he wants to be alone on that day.

Karsan says after Bhoomi died, jai’s life has stalled. jai lights a diya and talks to Bhoomi. He says I have lighted the dushshera diya. Bhoomi appears and thanks him. jai smiles seeing her. Bhoomi and jai have a talk. jai says I can’t be happy without you. She explains him that this had to happen. jai says if someone loses love, a man dies daily many times. Bhoomi says you did not lose your love, I m with you in your heart.

jai and Bhoomi are together in jai’s imagination. She asks him to think he is on highway and he has to go somewhere and suddenly he sees a no entry board, and tell me what you will do. He says I will change my way. She says why, won’t you wait there thinking the way will be out soon. He says whats the need, there will be dead end. She says then why don’t you take U turn in your life. He says I will be back. jai brings a gift for Bhoomi. He says you want me to be happy and smiling, so wear this saree. Bhoomi takes it and smiles. He says do you remember the photo shoot, how you were ready and looking beautiful, I want you to wear this saree and look beautiful. Bhoomi says ok and comes back wearing the saree. Sun Raha Hai na tu…. song plays…. jai smiles seeing Bhoomi and they spend some romantic moments together.

jai cries. He feels Bhoomi and kisses on her forehead. They sit together in darkness. jai finds peace in her company. jai sleeps with the saree he brought for Bhoomi. Parul comes to jai’s room in the morning and sees him sleeping with the saree. She gets sad and says he sat like this the whole night. She cries seeing him and jai says Bhoomi, I have agreed to what you said, I m smiling, now don’t leave me. Parul says I know Bhoomi won’t come back. She says jai is not able to come out of his past. She says Lord do something, give me my son back, help me. Dhara enters their house.

Dhara breaks the pot and jai wakes up saying Bhoomi. Dhara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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