Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai coming to know about the police raid and that Dhara is taken by them. Dipika talks ti the taxi driver and says it all her plan about calling the police. She becomes happy and says everything is going on like my plan. She calls Dhara but cannot reach her. The inspector asks Dhara her name and address. She cries and says please help me. He says I know you are a nice girl. She says I was waiting for my husband and you all brought me here. She says my name is Dhara and I m a nice girl, I m not like these girls. She says I have my husband’s number in my phone. The inspector calls Jai. Jai says Dhara where are you. They ask Jai to come as his wife is with them. Dhara thanks them. Jai signs the documents and thanks them.

The inspector

asks Dhara not to stand at such place again. Dhara leaves with Jai. She tells Jai that all girls were thinking I m…. Jai says stop thinking. She says I feel like dying now. He says its not your mistake. She says I m feeling aashamed. She says I want to curse myself. I don’t know how will I face our family. Jai says I will not tell them anything, they won’t know anything. He says forget it, I m with you. Someone takes Dhara’s photo in the lock up and gives it to newspapers. Avni talks to Hitesh. He says your family has insulted me. Lily and Parul come to him. Lily apologizes to him. Parul says we can’t think of insulting you. Hitesh says apologize in a better way. Avni is ashamed. Hitesh says else I will go back. Lily and Parul holds their Pallus and apologize to him. Avni feels bad and cries.

Lily says forgive me, we insulted you and did a big mistake. Hitesh cools down and says stop all this, I got angry, let it go. He says bless me now. Lily blesses him. He says make food for me now. Lily smiles and says its ready. Hitesh thinks he will not leave anyone who insults them. Everyone wait for Jai and Dhara. Parul is much worried and everyone laughs on Parul. Dilip says don’t worry, Dhara is with him. Dipika says I will call them. She is shocked to see Dhara and Jai coming together. Parul and everyone are happy. Hasmukh asks why does Dhara look worried.

Parul talks to Dipika. Dipika asks Parul to find out is there any tension between Jai and Dhara. Parul says they would have told me if there was anything. Dipika says I will find out. Dhara is in her room crying and thinking about the police raid. Jai comes to her with food and sees her crying. He says forget it as a bad dream. She says I m trying, did you see that. He says if you stay upset, everyone will ask us what happened. He says lets forget everything and have food. He says I will be annoyed now. She says don’t please. He smiles and asks her to smile. She smiles. He makes her eat the food. She says dod you have food? She makes him eat first. They have an eyelock and cute moments.

She says I m feeling bad by hiding this from everyone. He says fine, we will tell them, you know Parul, she will take tension, forget this now. Dhara agrees. Its morning, everyone have a talk in the hall. Parul asks Dhara about the party. Dhara lies to her and says I was tired, now I m fine. Jai comes and greets everyone. Hitesh brings the newspaper and shows them. Ansubaa is shocked to see Dhara’s lockup photo. Ansubaa reads the articles and comes to know everything. She looks at Dhara. Hasmukh asks her what happened. She gives him the newspaper. Everyone see it and are shocked. Jai and Dhara are shocked too thinking who leaked this news.

The phone rings. Ansubaa asks Dhara whats all this, everyone will be trying to know, tell me this is false. Parul says tell us that you were caught, tell the truth. Parul says our Dhara can’t do this. Ansubaa asks how did this photo come in newspaper. Dhara gets tensed. Ansubaa gets angry.

Ansubaa asks Dhara again to tell the truth. Ketki speaks bad about Dhara. Jai says enough, don’t tell anything against Dhara.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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