Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bharti yelling at Ankit for her failed plan. She says she lossen one of the Chair’s leg. She thinks they will think it inauspicious if the chair falls, that’s why she made the plan. She says he acted smartly but failed miserably. Ankit says he will not listen to her as she herself tear the paper of Ankit’s doings. Bharti brings another set of papers and blackmails him. she asks him to breaks Dilip’s and Kishan’s unity as she wants them to go seperate ways. She wants Kishan and Dilip to hate each other. Ankit succumb to her trap and asks what he needs to do.

Ramila comes to Parul’s room and says she wants to say sorry for Ankit’s behavior. She cries and asks for forgiveness. Parul says Ankit is like a son to her. Parul

says she didn’t know what happened with Ankit. Ramila thinks there might be short fall in their values and upbringing. Karsan wonders who is behind all these as he can’t speak in such a tone.

Bhoomi feels thirsty and goes to bring the water in the middle of night. Suddenly she hears someone knocking on the door and opens it and gets shocked. Someone keeps his hand on her shoulder.

In the morning, Kishan wakes up and asks for a tea, but he didn’t find her. He goes in the hall insearch of her. Parul also wonders where is Bhoomi? Ketki says she must be tired of work. Kishan comes there and says sorry for not coming to the aarti. Kishan says Bhoomi is not in the room. Parul says then where is she? Ramila too says she didn’t see her. Kishan wonders where she might go? Parul asks him to have breakfast and she will check on Bhoomi’s whereabouts. Parul tells Avni that she might went to feed the cow. Avni says she is not there. Kishan gets tensed about her. Kishan checks in his room for her phone which was missing. Bharti tells Parul that she didn’t see her since morning. Kishan gets very tensed now and tells Parul that she is missing.

Kishan thinks something is fishy. Bharti gets tensed. Kishan and Parul goes to Ansubaa’s room but didn’t find Bhoomi there. Ansubaa asks about Bhoomi. Parul and Kishan leaves. There is a tension in the house regarding Bhoomi. Kishan wonders where his Bhoomi went? Kishan calls on bhoomi’s mobile number but she isn’t picking the calls. Kishan hopes everything shall be fine. Bharti goes to give water to the cow, she hears phone ringing somewhere. She searches for the phone and gets it in the backyard and thinks it is Bhoomi’s phone.

She cancels the call and gives horrible expressions.(Evil Bharti, it’s good that Kishan didn’t marry you). Kishan thinks Bhoomi cancelled the call. Hasmukh looks on. Bharti switch off the phone to keep her plan working. Kishan calls again but this time phone is switched off. He tells to Parul that her phone is switched off. Ketki says Bhoomi didn’t tell anything and left. She says what they will tell Ansubaa about Bhoomi. She tags Bhoomi as irresponsible. Dilip asks her to keep quiet. Ketki says Bhoomi didn’t think about Ansubaa’s health. Parul says they have to find Bhoomi first. Kishan says he will go and find Bhoomi. He leaves with Dilip.

Bharti keeps Bhoomi’s phone in the almirah, Ankit watches her. He suspects Bharti’s behind Bhoomi goes missing. Ankit says you have done a good job and claps. Bharti says what are you saying, she says she didn’t do anything. Ankit asks where you kept bhabhi? he asks her to tell the truth. Bharti says he didn’t know anything. Ankit keeps on asking about Bhoomi’s whereabouts. Bharti says she herself dont know about Bhoomi. Ankit wonders then where might be Bhabhi? The episode ends on his puzzled face.

Ramila tells Parul that Kishan and Dilip will find Bhoomi and brings her home. Kishan and Dilip searches her everywhere. Parul says she is worried about Ansubaa also, what they will answer if she asks about Bhoomi.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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