Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with jay consoling his mom when romila and ketki enter her room and romila tries consoles by asking her not to worry, as dileep her 2nd son is there to manage things here. Avni and her maami enter and overhear romila, and avni complains why is she also encouraging jay to go to US! Just then ansubaa enter the room and drags jay and takes him her.

Ansubaa makes jay stand in front of god and tells him to speak the truth.
She asks him whether he’s going to America, for the sake of money, for developing his career and future, at the cost of leaving his family and staying far away from them. Jay is speechless and ansubaa continues, telling him that he’s doing such a big sacrifice, as his happiness is in being with his family and not going to us, and if he really wanted to go there, he would have told her as soon as he came back from Mumbai and not this late.
She finally asks him to speak up. Jay then accepts that whatever she told was true, but its not such a great work as he is doing all this to keep up his promise, and that god showed him this path. He even adds that, he was scared if he will be permitted to go or not, but ansubaa cuts him of telling that the he has taken up his responsibility and she’s proud of him and permits him to go to US! Jay is really happy!! But ansubaa says that she has a condition and that’s he has to promise not to lose his identity, sanskaar and his motherland and return immediately as soon as he has achieved his goal. Jay promises to return as soon as he gets the money and that he will not let anyone break her darohar. Ansubaas happy and blesses him!


Jay is on the phone with his friend, and his friend is happy that he is going to US! He asks if he’s happy, and jay replies that he is, and at times needs are more important than personal happiness. His friend tells him not to be sad, and not to regret after going to US. He also adds that, his friend’s in America and he will talk to him and make arrangements for jay’s stay.
Jay thanks him.
Near the pond:
Jay is shown sitting in the footstep, crying and thinking of ansubaas words, when dileep calls out for him to give him a jacket, and sees him crying and comforts him telling that he is their strength and if he breaks down, then what about their ansubaa and his mom. Jay says that he didn’t know that when the time of his leave came he would feel so scared and sad.
At this time, avni enters and tells him not to go, but jay says that he has to, and that they are less of brothers and sister and more of friends. They have a group hug. Avni threatens him that if he misses to call her even one day then he’s gone, and jay says that he will definitely but not for long as the calls are expensive.
Jays see’s bharthi and calls out to her, she says kaki was calling him. He asks her why was she standing aside,to that avni teases her saying that from the moment her marriage is fixed she’s shying away. Jays also joins avni and asks bharthi what should he get from America for her and her would-be. Bharti says that his family has done a lot for her and she dosent need anything more.

Jay’s dad gives him his passport, and some money. All are ready to come with him to the airport. Ansubaa says that she will also come, but jay’s mom says that airport is far of, but ansubaa says she be traveling by car only.
Then jay gives her his photo and asks her to keep it with her until he returns and shows her, her photo and tells her that hes taking her pic with him. He then looks at everyone and says that hes not only taking baas photo but his full family and shoes them the other family pic which hes carrying. Finally baa says that she is not coming to the airport and asks him to take the gods blessings.
Jays mom feed his dahi shakar(sweet curd), avni ties a dagha and does his arthi, and presents him a small idol of Krishna, ketki nazaar utarthi hai, romial blesses him, baa gives him a book and a watch.
Jay then takes his bag and jacket and baa hughs him. All start crying when haasu comes and tell that not to cry and send him off, and if every one starts crying then they have to go to the airport in a boat. All of them leave and baa is alone at home, and she breaks down.

All of them get down from the car, and avni clicks a family photo. Then jay takes photos with his mobile. He then tells to romila that he wished ankit was here, and that call him as soon as ankit returns. The check-in announcement is made, and jays mom gives him a box of ladoos and asks him to eat one daily, and think of her feeding him. She tells that there are 90 laados, romila asks why 90, to which jay replies that they are strict orders from mom that I should not stay even a day more that these 90 days and return as soon as the days are over.
Mom son hug.


Jay’s mom and dad are talking, telling that he would be hungry and tierd as it’s a long flight. Jays dad says that you guys gave him a lot to eat so he will not be hungry. In America at immigration, they remove all the food packets and throw it away saying all this are not allowed in America. They take the ladoo and crush one of them.

Update Credit to: gunjan

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