Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone waiting for Aarvi and Aarvi coming home in Hanuman’s avatar. Everyone are happy to see her. Everyone smiles seeing her and rushes to hug her. Ansubaa asks whats this costume, like Hanuman. Aarvi says I m hanuman, of this Ram. She says its was fun and tells them about the play. She tells them how she was kidnapped and how Dhara saved her and about Dhara who acted like Sita. Hasmukh tells everyone about Dhara. Hasmukh says Aarvi is fine only because of Dhara. Dhara is angry as she did not get the money. She talks to Kishan’s idol and says how can I be not angry, it was not rs. 100 but my brother’s fees. Her brother talks to her and asks he did you sell the toys. She says no, I will do it soon. Dhara is upset and asks him

not to worry and shows him something. Her brother is sad. She tries to make him happy.

They talk about his problems of the school. She tells them about the crowd and how she saved the girl. He asks what did you do to save her. She tells him the whole story. Aarvi talks to jai and tells him him what Dhara did. By keeping a hand on her face, she says she took him to Ram Leela and made her hanuman and she became Sita. Dhara makes her brother eats sweets. He asks her to eat. Dhara says I had food on the way, I brought these laddus for you. He says I know you did not eat anything. He makes her eat first. Aarvi is also making jai eat. jai says I m not hungry. Aarvi says I know you are hungry and insists him to have food.

She tells him about arranging his school fees and asks him to trust Kishan ji. Aarvi tells jai that Dhara has saved her so we should gift her. jai thinks he has not even paid Dhara for her work. jai thinks of Bhoomi and their love moments. Aarvi asks what happened, are you thinking about Bhoomi. She says I will give you a hug, you will feel good. Aarvi hugs him. Vilas slaps the goons for losing Aarvi. The goons say we don’t know how we lost her, its because of Dhara. Paritosh says if you can’t do the work, you don’t have the right to stay alive. The goons are tensed. The goons says forgive us once. Chandrika looks on. Paritosh puts mirchi powder in their eyes and Vilas beats them up. Someone comes and bring a bouquet for Paritosh. He asks who has sent it. Paritosh sees the card and the bouquet blasts making Paritosh’s face black. Chandrika shouts Paritosh.

Paritosh throws the flowers. Chandrika and Vilas are shocked. jai calls them and tells him did your face become black. Paritosh says so you did this. jai says yes, if you do something like this again, I will not leave you. jai warns her. Paritosh is angry. Chandrika scolds them and says Parul has gave birth to a good son, he found Aarvi. Komal comes and brings water for Paritosh. She laughs seeing him. Vilas asks her to shut up. Paritosh says the water is very hot. Chandrika taunts him. She says jai won over us and you people lost. She says this is my fate to have sons like you, who always fail.

Ramila says its a miracle that we got our Aarvi back. Ketki agrees and asks her to rest. She says I m fine seeing Aarvi. Ansubaa says its good Aarvi slept and asks Ketki to apply oil to Aarvi’s hair. Dilip comes and says Aarvi has to go to school tomorrow. Ketki says no thinking about the kidnapping. Dilip asks why. Ketki is tensed and says we were lucky that you brought her home, but if this happens again, I won’t let Aarvi go to school. She says those people can do anything. jai says nothing will happen now. He says I have shown them their limit. We are not so weak to be afraid of Chandrika. jai takes Aarvi with him. Ketki says but. jai says no, we can’t take Aarvi’s freedom and her childhood. She will go to school and we will send two guards with her. Everyone agrees and smiles. jai says about Vilas and Paritosh, you don’t worry, now they won’t look at our house.

Ansubaa talks about Dhara and says we should gift something to her. Ansubaa asks jai to go to Dhara tomorrow. He says no. Ansubaa asks Parul what happened. Parul says jai met Bhoomi on this day and he won’t go anywhere.

Update Credit to:H Hasan

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