Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kishan telling his family that every year on the auspicious occasion of akshaya tritiya we had grand celebration and this year we got the responsibility. He thanks all and says baa used to do it every year smilingly. Today bhoomi tried her best and today we gather you here, to show her presentation. Kishan tells Bhoomi all the best. Bhoomi says this occasion will bring double happiness as mill will be opening and it will fulfill Ansubaa’s dreams. She says she will start the presentation. She goes near the laptop and tries to open it but she fails. Ketki smiles and says water on the celebration preparation.

Parul and everybody else waits anxiously. Kishan tries to on the laptop but in vain. Parul asks what is the problem. Bhoomi says it

is not working. Hasmukh comments that he was good in his room taking rest. Kishan says it was good until now then what happened. Ansubaa says she was wrong to give her responsibility. She further says that if you trust the machine more than humans then the outcome will be this only. Kishan says he will come soon and leaves. Ketki asks Bhoomi whether she did the presentation or making up the excuses. Bhoomi says she did and she dont know how to prove it.

Meanwhile Kishan comes to his room and gets his laptop. Ansubaa asks Parul to tell Kishan’s wife to not give any excuses rather she wants the results. Hasmukh asks Ramila to get inside as the scene is over now.

Ketki tells Avni that Bhoomi is of no use and if she was in her place, she would have done it. She laughs. Ansubaa scolds her saying it is not good to laugh on some else misery. While Ansubaa stands up to leaves with all in tow, Kishan asks them to stop. He brings his laptop. Ketki says they have another kid referring to Kishan’s laptop, if she knows then she would have spoiled it too. Kishan says sorry and says they will not let them down. Bhoomi says there is nothing in his laptop but Kishan says he took back up in his pendrive. Bhoomi smiles. Kishan says he is there and just go for it.

Bhoomi gears up for giving the presentation. She says this haveli is precious and valuable. In this haveli we will celebrate the akshaya tritiya and it is so auspicious that the happiness that arrive today never goes. That why baa chooses this day for the mill to be opened so that always akshay be there in the mill. Everybody praises bhoomi silently. Bhoomi says she will give the responsibilities to the members of the house. Rest of the presentation is muted for us. Ketki says she remembers this by heart, she says she can do it in a while. Ramila asks her to keep quiet.

Ramila says it is not good to speak in between and bhoomi was showing them new things which they can even learn. Ketki is angst and feels low.

Kishan says new things dont always be wrong. Bhoomi says all the members will get the responsibility and will be actively involved. Ketki murmurs. Avni says ketki bhabhi want to tell something, but she declines. Bhoomi asks Parul to welcome the guests as she is having the art to win the hearts, thats why she is giving this responsibility to her’s. She says she have to give the rose petal to the guests with the welcome drink ( sherbet) and drink will be brought by Kishan. Bhoomi continues with the presentation while the song rishton ka manja plays.

Bhoomi gives the food responsibility for the guests to ketki. Ketki shocked. Bhoomi says she is annapurna and can manage well and Ramila kaka will help you with the food. Hasmukh says Bhoomi is clever enough to give the keys to the thief so that the thief dont steal.
Everybody claps.

Ketki husband praises Bhoomi and says nothing is left in your presentation. Hasmukh says one more thing is left, pandit ji’s dakshina 51000 Rs. He asks Bhoomi whether she forgot. Bhoomi replies no kaka, she didn’t forgot. she didn’t mention it in the presentation because I wanted to discuss with you all about this. Ansubaa looks on. Bhoomi says actually she was thinking instead of giving 51000 Rs to panditji, if we distribute 1000 Rs each out of the 51000 Rs to the old labourers of the mill? Karsan agrees to it. Hasmukh dismisses it saying it will be against their tradition. Kishan says why not to accept the new thinking? Hasmukh saying we cant let our name getting spoil. Ketki says she will do it. Ansubaa says her thinking is good and they need the poor blessings and She accepts Bhoomi’s proposal smilingly.

Bhoomi says next slide, next responsibility to be done by Ansubaa. She says yes baa you have to bless us and that is your responsibility. everyone claps. Ansubaa softens up a little. Hasmukh thinks bhoomi is very much clever. Bhoomi says presentation is over. Kishan says last slide is still left. bhoomi says no. kishan asks her to click on the next slide. When she clicks all the family is happy to see their family photo with written I love Vaishnav family. Lily fayi asks what is written in english. Kishan says his heart words are written, and says he love ansubaa, fayi and I love bhoomi. Kishan is happy that he fulfilled the promise made to bhoomi by confessing his love infront of all. Bhoomi realised this and gets happy. They stare at each other while the song is playing Jeene laga hun pehle se zyada…. They imagines themselves dancing and romancing each other to the song. The Episode ends on their romantic closeness.

Kishan holds bhoomi from backwards. Bhoomi asks what is he doing? Kishan says that he confess his love in front of all. Bhoomi replies anyone can tell by cheating. Kishan challenges her to kiss him infront of the family.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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