Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai telling Dhara that it’s a party tonight, so be ready. Dhara says is it necessary for me to come. Jai says yes, they insisted you to come. Dipika says fine Dhara, don’t think much, I will make you ready for the party. She says Dhara will look beautiful. Dhara says its not needed. Dipika says I can do this for you, don’t think much. Hitesh comes to Avni and says I will clear all the payment in one month. He asks her to go and bring something to eat. She says don’t get angry, but from where did you get money. She says you did not take money from my mum. He says you mean I stole the money.

She says Hasmukh lost Rs. 22000 and I thought you got that money. Hitesh is about to slap her but laughs. He says I have the right on his

money. Avni is upset that Hitesh will break everyone’s trust one day. Chandrika lands in jail. She meets her lawyer and he brings some men who can support her. They ask her to stand for the sarpanch post against Ansubaa and they will help her win. The lawyer says you will be free very soon. Chandrika thinks this time she will get Ansubaa’s position and will hurt her family. Jai waits for Dhara. Dipika asks Jai to wait for some time as she has to do makeup. She says it will take another half an hour. Jai says what. Dipika says she has to look beautiful right. She says you leave, I will send Dhara there with me.

She says I will explain Dhara the way, you can leave. Dhara gets dresses up in a good saree and Dipika comes to her. Dhara thanks her for helping her. Dipika acts sweet. Dipika hugs her and says the taxi has come, lets go. Parul and everyone do the holi arrangements. Hasmukh still thinks about the money lost. He says where did Rs. 22000 go. Dilip says maybe you gave to your friend or deposited in bank, check tomorrow. Everyone see Dhara and smile. Lily says she is looking very beautiful today. Dhara says Dipika has made me ready. Dipika smiles. Dipika says I will give the address to the taxi driver, you come soon.

Ketki says Dhara looks bright and its because of some reason. Dhara leaves. Lily says Dipika has done a good thing, she won our heart today. Parul is also happy. Hasmukh asks Dilip what happened to Dipika suddenly, how did she change so suddenly. Dilip says maybe she realized her mistake. The taxi breaks down. Dhara asks what happened. He says the engine is not working. He says this taxi won’t go further, take any other taxi. She gives him the money and goes to take another taxi. The man laughs as Dipika asked him to do this.

Parul tells Lily that Dipika has accepted Jai and Dhara’s marriage and even Jai is falling in love with Dhara. Hitesh hears his and gets angry. He throws a glass to make himself get noticed. Lily says do you need anything. Hitesh says I m here for so much time. Lily says I did not see you. He says you were busy in Jai and Dhara’s talk. Lily says what are you saying. He says now I know you all don’t respect me. He leaves. Lily and Parul gets worried.

Dhara looks for the taxi. Jai calls her and she says the taxi broke down, I m trying to get taxi. He asks where are you. She tells him the location. He says wait there, I m coming. Dhara meets some pr*stitutes and does not know their profession. The police comes there and everyone runs. Dhara says I will stand here. Dhara looks on. She is also arrested by the police. Dhara says I will take taxi, you go. She says my husband is coming here. No one believes her and asks her to sit in the jeep.

Dhara argues. Dhara says I will call my husband. They take their phone and take her to the police station. Jai comes after they take away Dhara. He looks around for Dhara. Dhara cries in jail. Dhara asks them to leave her as she was waiting for her husband. The inspector asks who is she. They think she is new and thats why she is acting. The other women talk to Dhara and asks her not to cry. Dhara says Jai, take me out from here.

Dhara talks to Jai and cries. Jai says we will not tell our family anything about this. Hitesh tells everyone that Dhara was caught by the police. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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