Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankit shouting at the family that he also has the right on the property, house and on the chair. Dilip about to slap him but Kishan stops him while the song about the kaal returning with back foot plays…. Karsan says they will decide calmly. Ankit says he deserves to be on this chair. He says he will not asks for this chair rather he will snatch his rights. All the family feels disgusted by Ankit’s behavior. Ankit is about to sit on the chair, but slips and falls down. Karsan sees Ansubaa and gets shocked. Ansubaa is shocked too.

Karsan asks her about her coming there. Ansubaa says she felt that something wrong was happening here. She goes to Ankit and says this chair is not ordinary chair, it gives responsibility, one has to be competent

to sit on this chair, it is built with their values and if any person tries to sit on the chair then this chair shows him, his rightful place. She says you must have understood that this chair haven’t accepted you. She says I wants to give you a chance so that you shall not complain that you didn’t get your rights.

She asks about the material of the shirt which he is wearing. He answers cotton. She then asks him about Dilip’s shirt material and Kishan’s shirt material. He answers wrong. Ansubaa asks Kishan, Kishan answers correctly. Ansubaa shows him machine and asks about its name and usage. Ankit is speechless. She goes on to asks about employees salary estimation and their business. Ankit is shocked. Ansubaa asks him to tell table of 17. Ankit tells the table wrong. Ansubaa proves him to be incompetent and says you dont know about maths, can you run the business. She says you have to be competent to sit on this chair. Bharti feels sad on her failed plan. Ansubaa says nobody in her family behaved such a way with their elder brothers.

Ansubaa feels bad that Ankit didn’t think of the circumstances before speaking like this, she suspects someone’s hand is behind him. She asks him to leave that person as he was only provoking him against their family. Bharti gets angry. Ansubaa is about to fall but Kishan holds her. She asks Dilip about his opinion. Dilip says Kishan is the right person to sit on this chair. Kishan says he didn’t deserve this chair but Mota bhai deserved it. Ansubaa tells Ankit that this is Sanskaar (Values). Karsan says we have to decide. Hasmukh suggests Ankit’s name as a MD. But Ansubaa says Dwarkhadeesh will choose the MD at the right time and till then this chair will be empty.

Bhoomi asks Ansubaa to take rest, but Ansubaa says she can’t rest. Karsan comes, Ansubaa says she wants to talk to them.
Ansubaa says this mill is your father’s Karm bhoomi and after me, It will be divided into 3 parts. Hasmukh, Karsan and Lily. She says after them Dilip, Kishan, Avni and Ankit will get the shares. She says Ankit will get the property anyhow. She suspects someone is provoking him, who is behind all this. Ansubaa says until she is alive, nobody should talk about property division. Karsan says he will bind the family always. Lily says she will make Ankit understand. Bhoomi tells Ansubaa to have faith on her. Bharti overhears this.

In the room, Kishan thinks about Ankit words and Maha rishi words. Kishan connects these happenings with Maha rishi’s words. He wonders how Ankit spoke infront of all. Kishan says Ankit made an issue about the palwal sabzi. She thinks if Ketki bhabhi didn’t mess up with the sabzi then she might be Bharti. Bhoomi suspects Bharti’s hand, who is provoking Ankit. She tells this to Kishan, who says Bharti is like a family member. Bharti overhears this and thinks she have to do something of Bhoomi. The episode ends on Evil Bharti.

Precap: Someone knocks on the main door, Bhoomi opens it and someone keeps his hand on her mouth. Bhoomi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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