Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara donning the clothes of Sita in a play inorder to save Aarvi. The Ram Leela starts. jai is looking for her everywhere. The people ask Dhara to make her entry in the play. Dhara comes on the stage with Aarvi dressed as Hanuman. The play goes on and everyone claps for them. Dhara says her unique lines and the play becomes comic. Dhara prays that she has to continue the play to save Aarvi. Dhara protects Aarvi. Paritosh comes there and sees Aarvi’s shoes. Dhara asks Aarvi not to worry as she is with her. Paritosh comes to know that Aarvi is on stage. Dilip is worried about Aarvi. jai says we are close to her now. Hasmukh says I saw Paritosh near the Ram Leela play. jai says it means Aarvi is there. Hasmukh says we have to be cautious.


comes there dressed as Kumbhkaran. Paritosh asks Aarvi to come to him. Everyone laughs. The play gets more comical. Dilip shows Hasmukh his Aarvi. Hasmukh stops Dilip and says let her be on stage as she is safe there. He says we have to think how to bring here carefully. Dhara is worried seeing Paritosh. Paritosh asks Dhara to give him Aarvi as he wants to talk to her. Dhara warns him not to come close to her. She calls Kishan. Paritosh laughs. jai enters the show as Ram. jai and Shara have an eyelock. Everyone praises their jodi. Hasmukh says jai. Aarvi hides somewhere.

Aarvi says she is having fun. jai asks Paritosh where is Hanuman. People laugh as Aarvi plays bollywood songs. People clap for them. Aarvi dances. People throws coins on the stage. Dhara thinks so much money, but I can’t take it. jai asks whats this. The play people thank jai as he earned a lot because of him. Paritosh says give the hanuman to me, where did you hide it. Dhara looks at Aarvi. jai says if you touch hanuman, then see what I do, I have come to save hanuman and we will take him with us. Vilas catches Aarvi but she bites him and calls jai. She meets jai on stage. Vilas and his goons come on the stage. Paritosh smiles.

jai fights with them and beats the goons. As jai is beaten up, all the people come on stage and save jai. Paritosh and Vilas runs. jai gets Aarvi at last. Hasmukh thanks Dhara for saving Aarvi. Seh says who am I to save her, the Lord does it. Dilip says now we should leave. Dilip and Hasmukh goes towards the car. Dhara asks jai about Rs. 100. Aarvi thanks Dhara. Aarvi says you were looking very nice as Sita and you are really good. jai says lets go home, everyone is waiting for you at home. Dhara says give me my money. jai looks at her. She says why are you looking as this, I want my Rs. 100. jai says sure, why not. Dhara thinks he said no and asks him to pay. jai says I will bring my wallet from the car. He says Dhara saved Aarvi, I will give her rs. 1000. Dilip says mum is unwell because of Aarvi, we have to go now. jai leaves without paying Dhara. Dhara says he did not give me money, he is mean and selfish. She gets annoyed. She says next time I won’t leave you.

Aarvi comes home dressed as Hanuman. Everyone are happy to see her and asks her whats all this.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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