Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhoomi browsing on the internet and Ketki happens to see it and thinks what might be inside this box( computer). She thinks of Bhoomi as a magician. She says she is also a magician not less than her and she will make her invisible. Kishan comes to Bhoomi and she is shocked. Kishan informs him that all the papers in the bank are cleared. Bhoomi says her presentation is ready and she did all the planning, about sitting arrangement, food, starters etc. Kishan asks him to order wine and some starters. He laughs saying you organise this as a corporate thing. She thinks she is making fun of him. Kishan made some changes by giving her presentation a indian touch. He both do the changes lovingly.

Ketki’s husband shows the bank papers to Ansubaa.

Ansubaa asks him to keep it safe as mill is opening on Akshaya tritiya.everything will ebe fine. Mayank thinks hasmukh jijaji is missing and tells the same. Ansubaa says it is bad, hasmukh is not responsible. Hasmukh son calls him. Then shows Hasmukh coming home sneezing and all drenched in water. Ansubaa asks who did this. Karsan asks what happened to you. Hasmukh gives an excuse that he smell mirchi when he was coming home from the lane. Karsan wonders why troubles always come to you. Hasmukh says it is destined for me and thinks why it doesn’t come to you.

Presentation is done and Kishan is all smiles. Avni comes there and offers to help for maha ayogan( big celebration) for the mill. Bhoomi says so sweet of you. She says she helped ketki bhabhi also with bharti. Kishan interrupts and says Bhoomi bhabhi did plan everything already. Kishan asks Avni to gather everything so that they can show them their presentation to get their approvals.

Ramila is giving hot water massage to Hasmukh for his pains. She wonders how he got the pain with spices. Avni comes to them and asks them to gather in the hall. Ramila says it is being done by imported bahu so it must be good. Ketki says that bhoomi did the presentation on that box. Lily fayi says that Avni learnt something from bhoomi. Ketki is irked and annoyed. Lily fayi appreciates bhoomi saying she can do anything.

Ramila supports Hasmukh in walking, Kishan joins in and holds him. Ketki comes with the water vessel and stands near the bhoomi’s laptop and thinks she also knows some magic by which bhoomi’s magic will gets ruined. she says she learned this for Ansubaa and says how to sprinkle water on someone else efforts. She says you should not have taught this to your daughter in law and now your daughter in law will sprinkle water on other’s efforts. She pours water on the laptop and it gets short circuit. She smilingly wipes the water on the laptop and says now I will see what magic will that imported bahu will show.

Ramila, Kishan and Hasmukh comes to the hall and Ramila is surprised to see the hall decorated like a cinema hall with a projection board and chairs. She is overwhelmed and says now film will run on it. Kishan says Bhoomi will show her presentation on the screen.

Everyone gathers. Mayank asks Hasmukh about his back pain and asks annoying questions. Hasmukh is annoyed. He gives some tablet. He says I know your pain and the reason for it too.

Bhoomi sees her laptop in the middle and thinks who kept it here. Kishan comes and says everyone is waiting and tells he kept the laptop here. They goes to give the presentation while Ansubaa and family waits for Bhoomi’s presentation. Bhoomi takes Ansubaa’s blessings. Parul is happy. Ansubaa says she will pray to Dwarkhadeesh to fulfill her responsibilties. Episode ends on Bhoomi’s determined face.

Bhoomi tries to open the laptop but it doesn’t open. Bhoomi gets tensed. Ansubaa tells Parul to tell Kishan wife’s Bhoomi not to give excuses and what they want is result.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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