Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dilip, Hasmukh and jai asking Dhara about Aarvi. She tells them that she saw Aarvi at one place and even the goons are there. Paritosh and Vilas are selling Aarvi to someone. Paritosh says you have to the remaining work. Aarvi wakes up and shouts mummy. Paritosh asks the goon to make the girl beg being hungry. He says send us that photo and we will be paid. The goons try to make Aarvi silent. Vilas says we have to take her soon. Aarvi cries. Vilas says everything is done inside, Paritosh says tale her away now.

Ansubaa asks Parul how is Ramila. Parul says she is fine but feeling cold. Ansubaa says check her temperature, she is not even taking medicines, how will she be fine. Chandrika comes to check the Vaishnav family, how they

are without Aarvi. Chandrika enters the house and greets Ansubaa. Everyone are shocked to see her. Chandrika cries and says I heard it and felt bad. Ansubaa asks Parul to tell Chandrika to leave. Chandrika says I m the daughter of this house, and I m sad in your sufferings. She says jai told me about Aarvi, he came to my house and asks me and my sons about it.

She says his wife left him and now Aarvi. She says what does we have to do if the girl is missing. She talks to Ketki and says I understand your pain and nothing will happen to Aarvi. She speaks bad words about Aarvi. Ketki is hurt. Ansubaa scolds Chandrika. Chandrika taunts them. Ansubaa says enough, stop acting now, we don’t need your sympathy. Ansubaa scolds Chandrika.

Chandrika gets angry and says this much insult. Ansubaa says we have shown your true face. Parul akss Chandrika to leave. Chandrika says how dare you ask me to leave, you are the bahu and I m the daughter. Parul says you came here to hurt us, so I have to ask you to leave. Parul blames Chandrika. Parul says I will insult you today. Chandrika acts innocent and says I came here to ask about Aarvi. But you people don’t deserve me. Parul says we don’t have to do anything with you, so leave from here. Parul takes her out of the house. Chandrika is angry. Parul closes the door on her face. Ansubaa smiles.

Chandrika says insult again, I won’t leave this family. She says I will ask my sons to kill Aarvi. Dhara is taking jai to the tent. Vilas and Paritosh see jai coming towards them. jai asks where is Aarvi. They have a fight. jai beats them with a stick. They fall down. jai is stopped by the goons. He beats the goons and goes inside the tent. Aarvi is gone. Dilip and Hasmukh comes and says where is Aarvi, Dhara told us Aarvi might be here. They say where is Dhara. Dhara has taken Aarvi with her. Vilas and Paritosh are also looking for Aarvi.

Chandrika calls Paritosh and he tells her that they lost the girl. She scolds him and asks him where is Aarvi. He says she ran away but we are looking out for her. Chandrika asks him to find her and make her win. She says I have to show my true color to Ansubaa. Karsan talks to Hasmukh and Parul asks him about Aarvi. He says they have not yet found Aarvi. Parul is shocked and cries. Karsan says she is lost again. He says Dilip, Hasmukh and jai are still finding her. He says I fear that Aarvi… Parul says don’t say like that. He says blood also has its effect. Ansubaa has never told her problems to everyone, but my dad used to worry about Chandrika’s father.

Parul says even I don’t understand Kaka. He tells Kaka was against us and one day Ansubaa disowned him. Parul says I know this, Karsan says that past is coming again, I can see Kaka in Chandrika. She thinks we did injustice to her father. He says I fear Chandrika’s fire can burn Aarvi. Parul says if anything happens to Aarvi, then jai will burn them all. She says we will also fight with them.

Paritosh asks his goons where is the girl. The goons say we have searched everywhere, she is nowhere. Paritosh says lets find her in the pandaal. Dhara is hiding with Aarvi. Aarvi asks who are you. Dhara asks her to be quiet and asks her to call her Didi. Aarvi asks her to drop her home. Aarvi sees Kishan and wants to go to him. But Paritosh comes there and she hides.

jai and Dhara are enacting in Ram Leela as Ram and Sita.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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