Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshubaa blessing her son and bahu. Kishan and Bhoomi looks on. Anshubaa asks did everyone come. Everyone are sitting at the dining table, and do a puja before starting the meal. Kishan opens his eyes and says I love you to Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells him to say it aloud infront of everyone. They show signs to each other, Kishan says how can I. Bhoomi signs him you have to. Anshubaa says Kishan why are you not eating. Kishan says he got a message on phone and reads I love you aloud. Everyone are shocked, Ketki looks ok.
Bhoomi smiles. Kishan is about to say Bhoomi, and says Bh… Bh.. and then he says Baa, I love Baa. Everyone smile. Anshubaa says why so sudden so much love on me. Kishan says I have grown up with your love. Anshubaa says what

is the matter. He says you are really great, and she has great will power. Loan paper’s are approved and they can start the will when they want. Hasmukh kaka gets a call and he disconnects. Kishan’s mother says Bhoomi has brought the happiness in their house. Anshubaa says they will inaugarate the mill on Akshaya tritiya day. Ketki says I will do the arrangements, but Anshubaa says the newly wed couple has to do the arrangements, so Kishan and Bhoomi has to do everything. Kishan and everyone are shocked.

His dad says Bhoomi is new, how can he do everything, Anshubaa says Kekti did everything four years ago, even she was new that time. Now, Kishan and his wife has to do the arrangements.

Kekti talks to her husband, says its difficult for Bhoomi to take up the responsilbility, what do you think about it. He scolds her, saying Anshubaa knows well whom to give the responsibility. It is proved that Anshubaa has accepted Bhoomi as the new bahu of the house.

Hasmukh kaka tells no one can stop the mill from opening. Someone says if the mill starts, then you will be in problem, and blackmails him. Mansukh kaka scolds him. The man says I m the son-in-law of this house, and you have not done it right holding my collar.
Bhoomi pulls Kishan’s leg saying I love you Ba.. Ba.., Baa. Kishan says not to pull his leg, he has some time to say. Bhoomi asks him to be serious and tell her about Akshaya Tritiya. He says it is an auspicious day in the hindu year, and if you stop the work on this day, it works well. She says our mill is opening on that day wow, but how will we manage, Anshubaa comes there and says about last test, and she says your last test is Kalyaani. She says one bahu has to do the family’s kalyaan, and she can do it from her family values. No one can teach her to do the kalyaan. She has to prove to the family that she is the kalyaani, the day she will look the kalyaani, she will pass the exams, Anshubaa says she has the time till Akshaya tritiya. Kishan and Bhoomi are shocked.

Bhoomi is surfing on the net, and Kishan asks where is my wallet. Bhoomi is looking the meaning of kalyaani. He holds her hand and asks can you feel my heartbeat, your name is also there in it. He has even I don’t have the answer. Even the internet won’t have the answer. Bhoomi says I will not worry about the tests if you are with me. First of all, we have to arrange the mill work, and this kalyaan test. Kishan tells that what kalyaan is, its doing some good work. He asks her to do the mill work, and he is leaving for the bank. He lifts her up and takes his wallet. He says some filmi lines. She asks him to leave. Bhoomi smiles.

Someone comes for Hasmukh bhai, and says a seth has come to return your 5 lakh rs. Hasmukh kaka thinks he does not know. Hasmukh kaka says I will meet him. Someone says greed is bad. People kidnap him.
People torture Hasmukh kaka, and beat him up. He asks them to leave him. They say you said that the will is be theirs in 10 days. They asks for papers. Hasmukh kaka says tonight he will give them. Hasmukh kaka promises them. They ask him to pick their call everytime, else…

Avni’s mum asks her what she is doing, she is surfing the net. She says Bhoomi is very intelligent, and help her in doing the arrangements. They think where is Hasmukh kaka.

Ketki asks Avni is she helping Bhoomi. She says mummy asked me to do it. Kekti puts water in Bhoomi’s laptop.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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