Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bharti telling Ankit that she is feeling pity on him. Ankit reprimands her for acting infront of his family members and says dont try to smart. He says he is binded by the papers which she has with her. Bharti says if Ansubaa sees these papers then she will come to know that you was in jail rather than in Rajkot college. She says if these papers binded your manhood then…. She tears the papers and says show your manhood now. She says she can make him rich if he agrees to her demand. Ankit agrees to her demands.

Ansubaa gives the household responsibilities to all the ladies. Bharti provokes Ketki against Bhoomi. Ansubaa says tomorrow will be special that’s why she wants Bhoomi to lit the diya infront of Dwarkhadeesh, as she believes

bhoomi is auspicious. Bharti says her trust will break as Bhoomi will not be able to lit the diya in the morning.
Kishan is searching for his clothes, Bhoomi comes and tells him about her fears about tomorrow’s function. Kishan says everything will be fine.

In the midst of night, Bharti hammers the nail on the wall and connects it with the thread which is tied to the side wall. She laid the trap for Bhoomi so that she shall fall on the stairs.

In the morning, Bhoomi gets ready and looking at the holy bangles she thinks today nothing bad should happen. Bharti is waiting for her. Bhoomi is walking towards the stairs but she returns to her room to receive the call.
Ansubaa is walking towards the stairs, Bharti stops her and asks where is she going. Ansubaa tells her about her wish to see Bhoomi in her Khandaani (Ancient family) necklace and also wants her to tie the coin on her pallu. Bharti says she will give, but Ansubaa says she will give it to her. Bhoomi comes after finishing her call with Nans. Ansubaa says she got something for her and proceed towards Bhoomi. She slips on the stairs when thread comes in her way.
All the family members comes to her. She fells unconscious. Kishan asks bhoomi to call the doctor. Doctor says he have to take the xray to know about the deep injury. Ansubaa asks water, Bharti goes to bring it. She removes the nail from the wall and takes the thread also. Ankit sees her and says you have made a full proof plan that why did Ansubaa fall instead of Bhoomi. She asks him to do whatever she taught him. She says she wants Bhoomi to be away from office as Ansubaa thinks Bhoomi is lucky for them. Lily fayi comes there. Bharti gives her necklace and coin and says she will get water for Ansubaa.

Parul makes Ansubaa drink the water. Ansubaa is weak but she tells Karsan to go to office as Mahurat will go. Karsan says they will do the puja later but Ansubaa tells him about the poornima and says they have to do it today only. She says she is feeling head ache. Bharti assures Ansubaa that puja will be done today.

Karsan feels bad that they have to go without Ansubaa for the puja. Bharti says she will stay with Ansubaa but Bhoomi says she will be at her side. Parul hesitantly agrees. Bharti feels happy at her luck and says Bhoomi will miss her play by not coming to the office.

Hasmukh comes to dilip and shares his concern about Karsan choosing him as a MD. He says if he chose you as a MD then you dont let it go. Hasmukh says you got a chance to fulfill my wishes and dreams.

Dilip and Ketki is doing the puja. Everyone is happy. Bharti is waiting for her plan to succeed. Ansubaa tells Bhoomi that she fears nothing good will happen today.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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