Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 15th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika and Jai having a talk. Dilip comes to them and says Jai has to go to Ahmedabad. He says this is an international level exhibition, you have to go. Jai agrees and asks Dipika to take care. Dipika says come home soon, I will be waiting for you, I will have food only with her. She thinks Dhara will be going with Jai again, but this time I will play such a game that you both will never be united. Avni comes to Hitesh. Hitesh says don’t ask me where I m going. He says I will tell you myself, I m going with Dilip to the mill. Avni is shocked. He says I want to talk about millions. Chandrika comes to them. Avni cares for Chandrika.

Chandrika sends Avni asking her to bring her medicines. She talks to Hitesh and wants to use

him against the Vaishnav family. She asks him to go to the mill with Jai and Dilip. She fills his ears and asks him to be clever and ask or his share in the property. Hitesh smiles. She says Avni also has a share in the property and her share is yours. But you are good, you did not ask about their business and land. Hitesh says I won’t ask. Chandrika says this shows how good you are. Chandrika thinks she said what she wanted, now you will do what you want.

Dipika comes to Dhara and sees her packing her bag. Dipika says I came to pack Jai’s bag. Dhara says I did it. Dipika scolds Dhara and says Jai will do what I want. She throws all the clothes. Dhara says Parul asked me to go with Jai. Dipika taunts her saying you won’t be able to take my Jai from me, as he is mine. Dhara is shocked as Dipika lies to her. Dipika says what happened between you both, don’t think its Jai’s love. He loved you thinking you are Dipika. Dhara cries. Dipika says Jai did not think I m Dhara. She says you are a maid, don’t dream to become a bahurani. She says Jai will never love you. She asks her to accept what the fate gave her.

Dipika gets her finger and puts the blame on Dhara. Jai comes and is annoyed with Dhara. Dhara thinks of Dipika’s words and is hurt. She says it means that love was not for me. Hasmukh talks to Lily about Avni. Hitesh and Avni come to them. Hasmukh says I will take you to the mill, but we want to know about your business first. Ramila asks Hasmukh not to joke. Avni smiles. Hasmukh asks tell me, how much money you want. Hitesh looks at Avni. Ramila says you are like our son, we will give you money as help. Hasmukh asks Ramila to bring the cheque book.

Hitesh says will you give me what ever amount I say. Hasmukh says yes. Hitesh says only Rs. 11. Avni is shocked. Everyone are happy. Hitesh says you have given me Avni and made me rich, now I don’t want anything else. Lily says but Avni said you want money for business. Hitesh acts clever and sweet. He impresses everyone. Hasmukh blesses him and says we are proud of you. Hasmukh hugs Hitesh. Avni thinks what is Hitesh upto.

Jai thinks of talking to Dhara about Dipika and apologize to her. Dhara keeps a curtain between them and is upset with Jai. Dil jude bina hi tutgaye…………… plays……………. Dhara cries thinking about her and Jai’s love moments. She thinks about Dipika’s words. Chann se jo tuta koi sapna………….. plays…………… Jai thinks why am I hurt seeing the curtain today. Dhara thinks even she is hurt. Jai thinks I want to apologize to you, I don’t know whether I can forgive myself or not.

Lily tells Avni that Hitesh is a very nice guy. Hitesh comes to them and says I have a complaint that you don’t care for me. Lily laughs. Avni understands why Hitesh is acting sweet. Lily is happy with Hitesh. Hitesh praises Lily and praises her. Hitesh says I wish I stay here for lifetime. Lily says you can stay with us. Hitesh asks Lily about her stay in this house. Lily tells about her husband’s loss. She says Avni’s dad took care of the mill. Hitesh thinks I will do the same. Its morning, Chandrika talks to someone on phone and says Jai is going to Ahmedabad, our work should be done. Dhara hears her voice and comes to her. Chandrika is shocked to see Dhara.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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