Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai and Hasmukh searching for Aarvi along with Dilip. Hasmukh says we have to be patient and find Aarvi else the goons will hurt Aarvi. jai is tensed and says no one will hurt Aarvi else I will not leave them. Hasmukh says there has to be someone who will help us, whom the goons does not know. A girl is shown riding a bicycle and coming in the exhibition. Ketki also parsy to the Lord to save Aarvi. Hasmukh sees Dhara and says she will help us. Dilip says why will she help us. Dhara is talking with someone.

Hasmukh says lets go and meet Dhara. Everyone call out her name and cheer her. Dhara is playing with the kids. Hasmukh, jai and Dilip come to her. Dhara’s face is shown. She loses the game because of jai. She looks at jai

angrily and fights with him. They have an eyelock and music plays.. She scolds jai and he asks him to talk to him well. She says her name is Dhara and it means Bhoomi. jai looks at her. She asks him to compensate for her loss. He says what. She says I lost Rs. 100 because of you. jai says what. She argues with him and explains him that she lost in the game.

jai says Oh, I m sorry. She says don’t say in english, I know also. She says don’t come again. She takes Kishan’s name, he says don’t take my name again. Hasmukh comes and talks to Dhara. She asks about Ansubaa and says you still remember my name. Hasmukh talks to her well. Hasmukh says I need your help. She says what. I did not earn since morning. She says if I help you… Dilip says only you can help me. Dhara agrees to help them. Hasmukh says I will pay you, tell me how much you want. Dhara asks for Rs. 100. Hasmukh agrees. Dhara says your work is done, tell me what I have to do.

Everyone are praying at home. Parul says our family is incomplete without Bhoomi, but we learnt to live, but now Aarvi. Lily says Aarvi took Bhoomi’s place and now she is… She says what will we do if anything happens to Aarvi. Karsan says they have found out about Aarvi, she is the Ram Leela exhibition. He says Lord has send a girl and by her we will know about Aarvi. They wish the best for that girl. Hasmukh explains Dhara to take every step carefully. Dhara does not listen to Hasmukh. jai shouts enough Dhara. He says she is kiddish and she can’t do this.

jai scolds Dhara. Dhara says I heard everything, jai says really, tell me what he said. Dhara looks on. jai says we are wasting my time. Dhara repeats Hasmukh’s lines. jai is stunned. Dhara says I won’t work. She says jai thinks he is a hero and taunts him. jai looks at her. Hasmukh asks Dhara to be calm and do the work. Dhara understands what she has to do. She looks at jai angrily and gets down the car. jai says Kaka, do you think she can do anything, Hasmukh says yes, she is not a loser.

Dhara sees the goons and doubts on them. She tries to go inside, the goons stop her. Dhara talks to them and tries to fool them. The goons stop her and scold her. She acts smart and goes inside the tent. Paritosh and Vilas stop her. Paritosh asks her to leave. Dhara looks on. She sees Aarvi inside the tent.

Dhara tells Hasmukh that she found Aarvi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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