Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hasmukh waking up from his sleep with a phone call ring from AmrutLal. He disconnects the call. Meanwhile he gets another call, but he didn’t pick the call. Bhabhi comes and informs hasmukh that Ramila is calling him and he isn’t picking her call. She says she reached till Rajkot and will be here in 1 or 2 hours. She ask him to talk to his wife Ramila. He doesn’t pick the call and keep the phone on silent mode. Bhabhi wonders what happened to Hasu bhai. She prays to Dwarkhadeesh.

Ketki is in kitchen and is angry on Bhoomi. She says she will show Bhoomi her true place. Parul comes and ask her to cook for additional two person as ramila and mayank is coming. Ketki says she did all the preparation. Bhoomi comes and greets Parul. She

asks Ketki is there anything to do for her. She taunts saying she cant do daily household chores. Parul says if given a chance, she can show her mettle. Ketki asks her to help lily fayi in clothes drying.

After Bhoomi leaves, Ketki says she will not let Bhoomi enter her kitchen as she got so many appraisals without doing anything. She says she will see to it how can she become dutiful daughter in law.

Bhoomi comes to lily fayi and says she will dry her saree. She agrees. Lily fayi says someone else husband is coming and I have to press his clothes. Bhoomi says your husband is coming Fayi. Fayi says she was just taking her test and she remembered everything. She says her mind is like her and she also didn’t forget anything like her.

Lily Fayi is murmuring that my husband is coming today and I have to press his kurta. Kishan comes and asks about Bhoomi. Kishan sees Bhoomi struggling to tag Saree on the wire and comes to her, holds her and uncovers the saree from her face. They eyelock. They had a cute hug while the song jhanjhare bole chhan chhan playing. Kishan taught her how to tag the saree on the wire. He hugs her and whispers I love you in her ears. Bhoomi says not like this, say infront to all. She leaves telling him gujju boy. Kishan is impressed.

Ramila and Mayank comes and he asks her to pay for the auto as she is elder to him. Amrutlal comes there and threatens Mayank to ask his brother in law Hasmukh to pick his cal or else he will relived him of this world. Mayank comes inside shouting jijaji.

Ketki shouts at bhoomi for the glass which was Ansubaa’s. Ramila comes and Everyone is elated to meet her. Parul ask about her mother’s health. She says she is fine. She asks about Ansubaa. Parul replies that she is in her room.

Kishan holds Bhoomi’s hand in the hall and Ketki sees it and gets envious of them and says her husband doesn’t see her in her bedroom also and they dont miss a chance to be together irrespective of place. Kishan about to say I love you but Bhoomi says infront of all and leaves.

Mayank comes and searches for Hasmukh. Ramila comes to her room and says Dilip ke papa I came back. Hasmukh shows no interest. She sees the phone switch off and switch on the phone. Hasmukh comes outside the bathroom and says he didn’t forget her even if he wanted to. Ramila asks him about Fayibaa and Hasmukh is irked.

Mayank comes and asks about his well being. He asks is anyone bothering you? Hasmukh replies his sister is bothering him. Mayank says big people big trouble.

Mayank is greeted by his wife and he leaves. Kishan is trying to confess his love but finds it hard. His father comes and says he was searching for him. Parul asks do you want anything. He replies Bhoomi. He asks Bhoomi about his passport. Bhoomi says it is in the cupboard. Parul ask him to have breakfast. Kishan sits for the breakfast. Ketki’s husband sees their eye talks and asks Kishan. Kishan tells him about Bhoomi’s demand. He says to tell her after breakfast. Just then Hasmukh phone rings and Hasmukh is shocked as it is AmrutLal on the other side. Mayank says he is like a ghost who sat on his head. Episode ends on Hasmukh shocked face.

Kishan pretends to read the three magical words I love you, infront of all. While everyone is surprised, he finds it difficult to say Bhoomi

Update Credit to: Hasan

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