Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th January 2013 Written Update


The episode begins with jay doing pooja in river (bt his face isnt shown yet) Jay bare body

Vicky(Jay’s friend) comes n call out his name “Jay”

Jay finishes off his pooja n comes to Vicky

Vicky asks him can he speak now Jay says yes u can speak… Some other girl rejected him again

Vicky tells him he is not rejected bt jay got selected by US Best Fashion Magzine and they have offered him job n they r paying a huge package to him

Vicky tell him they r giving him $3000/month

Jay tells him he knows this n infact they also know that any qualified person from india will come to abroad for big package and will leave his own country

Vicky asks him to get his VISA done n then he will go to US

Jay opens his wallet n gives him a ticket of gujarat Vicky asks him he knows how much difference is there between US n Gujarat

Jay tells him he is talking abt goin to his gujarat n he is talking to send him to US

Vicky tells him to think once again n tells him once he goes to US he will get an ATM machine in his home

Bt jay denies n tells him he wants to reach his home as today is very big festival out there

Jay tells him its very big day for his family


Entry of jay’s family members

Jay’s chachu says they have decorated the house like Maa laxmi is filling water at the door Does someone do so much decoration No one cares abt money except him

He goes on saying widout seeing n his daughter shouts to see n he stops n saves the rangoli frm being destroyed

And its the entry of AVNI – jay’s sister šŸ™‚

He asks her why is she making rangoli at the center of aangan n tells her to make it the coorner bt she says rangoli is made the center of aangan

She is making this rangoli bcoz Jay kishen her brother is coming

And after that Jay’s mother Parul’s entry

Jay’s father says to parul they should reach at factory on time n he shouldn’t see any question in his BAA’s eyes

And entry of ketki bahu n her mother in law Ramila

Ketki is too funny Speaks non stop

And entry of Hasmukh -chachu of jay

Jay’s father tells parul its very special day for them, baa, bapuji n there mill


Vicky asks him rather than goin to US he is goin to his village He tells him he is wasting his textile engineering degree

Jay tells him more than US magzine his grandpa’s khadi mill needs his degree

And tells vicky that for 3000$ he wont leave his loving parents n his grandma


Jay’s father breaks the coconut

Baa says bcoz of dwarkadheesh n there boss dhansukh this mill is goin to be restarted again the very next day

Bass says They gave constant support to vaishnav family widout any complaints n they will (vaishnav family) will always remember this thing

Baa opens the door of mill and goes inside

And hears someone calling ansu (I cant recall her name)

Its dhansukh’s voice

He says not to let the mill get closed as till the mill is there he is there

Baa sees her mangalsutra

Dhanksukh doesnt looks like Baa’s husband

Baa asks parul abt jay kishen

Parul tells her he will be late bt baa says he is goin to handle his grandfather’s mill so he shouldn’t be late

All doin pooja of krishna

And jay comes running (like srk comes in K3G) and parul turns n looks wid anxiety bt baa tells her to do pooja

and jay comes frm the back and does pooja wid family

Someone’s entry (wid bracelet of letter A) n he gets a blast in vaishnav khadi mill

Everyone comes running

Baa breaksdown and her sindoor flows down n baa says he went away Baa becomes unconcious

Precap: Baa says to dwarka how will she show her face to his bapuji n what she will say to him Jay says nthing is over yet everything will go asusual n at the other side hansu says he will do the work which he neva did

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