Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with jiten talking about jai’s and Dipika’s marriage. jai is shocked. Hasmukh says e agree with you. jiten asks them to sign on the papers till he talks to Dipika. Dhara gets upset. Hitesh is happy seeing the wealth in jai’s house. Avni comes to him and asks are you fine. He talks to her sweetly so that she can help him in getting money. He says you enjoy with your family, I think you are right, its my responsibility, I should not ask money from your brothers. He says I can help them in managing the money. Avni is annoyed. He smiles cunningly.

Hasmukh and Karsan talk about jiten’s project. jai looks on. Hasmukh says Dilip and I have signed, you also sign on it. Karsan also signs. Hasmukh asks jai to sign on it. He says I m

sure when jai and Dipika gets married, everything will be mine. jai says I married Dhara and I came to know that you all will marry me to Dipika later after my marriage. He asks why are you all deciding about my life. Karsan says we had to take such decisions. Hasmukh says yes, its our mistake, we should have told you. He says don’t change our decision. Karsan says if you don’t marry Dipika, this project will be closed and we will be ruined.

jiten asks Dipika to take care as he will be coming back soon. He asks whats the matter, you look upset, share with me. She hugs him and cries. She says I m feeling insecure here. He laughs and says you have to stay here for lifetime. She asks will jai marry me. He says yes. Dipika says what if he denies. He says he won’t say no, if he says no, then their family will stop him. Dhara hears this. jiten says if he says no, then I will cancel the project. I will bring this family on road. Dipika says thanks dad. I will play my game now, no one can stop jai from becoming mine. Dhara knocks the door. jiten smiles and calls her inside. Dhara says food for you.

jiten thanks her and says will you give me what I ask for. Dhara asks what. jiten says now only two months left, take care of my daughter and jai. Dhara smiles and says yes. jiten asks jai why are you upset, if there is anything, you can tell me. jai says nothing. Hasmukh says jai is very happy. Dipika comes to jai and says you did not tell me, thanks. jiten greets everyone and leaves happily. Dipika signs Ketki to take Dhara with her. Ketki taunts Dhara and asks her to come with her. Dipika smiles.

Dipika asks jai why are you so upset, you are not even talking to me, don’t avoid me, it was not my mistake. jai says I m not avoiding you, what happened made me feel guilty. He asks what happened, let me know everything. He says there was something in that drink. Dipika is tensed. She says you mean to say I mixed something in your drink. He says no, I m just asking you. She starts crying and gets his sympathy. He says I m not blaming you. She says tell me the truth, I will go away from your life, you did a mistake, I will have to pay for it, even then I m silent, as I love you. She says don’t blame me like this. She leaves.

Dhara thinks about her romantic moments with jai and smiles. Lage tose naina………….. sajna ve……….. plays. Ketki sees her smiling and taunts her for dreaming. She asks her to do some work. Ketki asks her to know what is going to happen after two months. She says jai will not need you after two months, so leave from this house silently giving jai to Dipika. Dipika runs to her room and closes her room. She takes a rope and hangs the rope to the fan. Ketki asks Dhara to call jai.

Dhara calls jai and says come with me. jai gets worried seeing Dipika. He asks her to stop this madness. Ketki asks what happened, tell me. jai tries to break the door. Ketki blames Dhara for all this. jai stops Dipika from this madness. Dipika says if I die, everyone’s problems will end. She says let me die. She asks everyone to leave. jai asks Ketki to go. Ketki takes Dhara with her. jai asks what was this, was this the solution. She says you have doubted on me, don’t do this again, I will leave from your life if you say. Don’t ever blame me like this. He says I m sorry, I will never doubt on you, I won’t let you pay for this. She hugs him and smiles.

Dhara thinks about jai’s words. jai comes to her. Dhara asks him what happened, why did Dipika try to commit suicide. He does not answer her about Dipika and leaves saying don’t tell to anyone. Dhara thinks what is he hiding from me and family.

Chandrika talks to Hitesh and asks him to ask for his share in the property.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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