Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Fayibaa announcing to the family that Bhoomi took care of her and her heart and she is not only imported bahu but also annapurna and laxmi. Kishan and Bhoomi smiles. Fayibaa says it is ummy, Kishan says not ummy but yummy. Bhoomi says she is speaking like her nans i.e nani. Fayibaa asks the sweet name, Bhoomi replies remdy. Everyone is amazed. Bhoomi is its mango remdy. Kishan is astonished. Rukmani fayibaa praises Bhoomi saying her sweet dish is 4 times better than ansubaa sweets and further says may God give this bahu to everyone.

She tells Ansubaa that Bhoomi will take care of this family and mill. Fayibaa is about to go but Bhoomi stops her and handover the remdy sweets to Fayibaa for her grand children( atlast Ansubaa smiles hearing

this). everyone smiles. Fayibaa and Ansubaa had a hearty hug and Fayibaa ask her to smile and says she had a good time here. Ansubaa ask her to come soon and says next time she will not give her a chance to say angrezi ki aurangzeb. Fayibaa bids farewell to all and leaves.

Parul very lovingly praises Bhoomi saying she has fulfilled all the duties and become laxmi, saraswati and annapurna. She says Fayibaa was right in her saying that only lucky people gets a loving, dutiful daughter in law. She hugs her lovingly with happiness in tow. Ketki is angst and shocked at the turn of events while Ansubaa is still coming to terms of Bhoomi’s winning annapurna tag.

Kishan is repairing the bed and speaks to bhoomi that she passed Rukmani Fayibaa test so she will definitely pass Ansubaa test. Bhoomi ask him not to make noise. Inorder to prevent noise getting outside she plays the music and song plays tera hone laga hun…. Kishan asks Bhoomi about remdy. bhoomi says she didn’t heard of it before and saw it only on net and it sounds like gujrati so she prefered it. Kishan is amazed at her intelligence. Meanwhile the bed gets broken, Bhoomi says it is not his work but Kishan challenges that he can get the broken bed repair into love bed( Prem sej). Kishan gets romantic and ask her whether she understand.

Bhoomi says first repair the bed and make it love bed then think about love. Both of them repair the bed and Kishan says he is gujrati and can do anything specially for you. Bhoomi says then tell me I love you. Kishan replies that he can say I love you to her umpteen times. He says I love you. Bhoomi ask him to confess his love outside infront of all. She challenges him either to do or accept that he cant do anything. Kishan says he can do anything for this gujrati girl. They eye lock and gets romantic.( Really awesome) The Episode on their romantic hug.

Sanskaar artiste meets with Banga family and listens to the story of their pilot son and gives away the cheque.

Kishan uncovers Bhoomi’s dupatta and tells her I love you romantically. Bhoomi ask him to confess amidst all.


Update Credit to: Hasan

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