Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai and Dhara coming home. She smiles seeing him. Dipika sees them happy and gets angry. Dipika leaves with Jai and Dhara. Ketki calls Dipika and says I told you not to come in between Jai and Dhara, but you don’t listen to me. She says what was the need to go with them. Dipika ends the call. Ketki says my happiness is at stake because of her. Dilip comes to Ketki and says are you hurting anyone because of Dipika. She says no. He says Jai smiles and have changed because of Dhara. He says he managed with lot of problems, I don’t want any problem to come now. Ketki says I know Dhara has given him a new life, but what about Dipika. He says I know that Jai is happy today and its because of Dhara. He says if you help Dipika and hurt Jai, then

I will not leave you, it can affect our relation.

Ketki says this time I won’t support Dipika. Ansubaa gives Rs. 2 lakhs to Lily and says give it to Hitesh. Parul says give him in his room. Ansubaa says this money is his. Lily hugs Ansubaa and cries. Ansubaa says is Avni only your daughter. Parul says if we have a son in law like Hitesh, you will be not ready to help. Lily says Hasmukh tried to help Hitesh but he took only Rs. 11 as shagun. Ansubaa says go and give him money now. Dhara sees some bangles and smiles. Jai notices her seeing the bangles. He thinks about her ordinary wishes.

He asks her what are you seeing, I know you want bangles. He says everyone should learn from you how to find happiness in small things. Dipika asks Jai to go for meeting. Jai says they will wait. Jai gives Dhara some money and asks her to buy it. Dhara buys the bangles and the seller is none other than Murli. Murli smiles seeing her. Dhara thinks about his earlier help and says you here. He says yes, what happened, is Jai not with you. She says he is with me. He makes Dhara wear bangles. She says I did not think my life would be so beautiful. He says we have to decide where to take our life.

He tells about her dream and past. Dhara says yes, its true. He says you dreamt of being happy, not to earn more money. he praises her and says you have always took the right path. Dhara tells him about her bad dream. He says understand the sign by the dreams. He says the people who understand the sign on right time, they don’t have to regret. Dipika says hurry up Dhara, Jai is getting late. She gives him the money for bangles. he says I will take next time. She says fine and greets him. She leaves. Murli smiles looking at her. She turns to see him but he disappears.

Jai asks Dipika to leave. She says I m fine, I will wait. Jai says lets go Dhara. Jai gives the presentation. Dhara look at him. She gets up and kisses him. Sajna Mera……… plays………… Its her imagination. Everyone claps and likes the presentation. They ask Dhara to sign on the papers. Dhara is shocked and looks at Jai. Jai says no need of sign, he takes her thumb and applies the impression. The man says does she not know how to sign. Jai says yes, my wife is not educated. The man says how can we make her our partner. Jai supports her and laves the decision on them. He says I m alive today only because of Dhara, I m not feeling awkward to say that she is not educated. Sajna Mera….. plays……….. He says she is more than anyone who is educated. Dhara gets happy seeing him.

He says she does not know to use computers but she makes toys. She can make the kids be happy by giving them toys. She does everything by determination, be it anything. He says there are many people in world, who make their name high by their hard work and I m very sure she is one of them. He says you guys decide now. Everyone clap. Jai and Dhara smile happily looking at each other.

Dipika shows the CD to Ketki and says it will prove that it was Dhara with Jai in the hotel room. Ketki takes the Cd and says I will tell you when you use the CD and how.

Update Credit to: Amna_Hasan

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