Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parul pacifying Ketki. jai says Dhwarkadeesh will not nothing, he has not saved Bhoomi and will not save Aarvi. He says I will bring Aarvi back. He says lets go, its someone we know who has done this. Ansubaa says do you mean Chandrika. jai says yes, she has done it. He says she has done wrong, he says Ketki, I will bring Aarvi back. They leave for finding Aarvi. The goons bring Aarvi to a amusement fair while Aarvi has fainted. The goons calls Chandrika and tell them that they have Aarvi with them. Chandrika says Aarvi has to pay for her insult.

Paritosh says jai can’t find the girl if he tries and he will not doubt on us. jai comes there and Chandrika and Paritosh are shocked seeing him. jai looks at them angrily. Chandrika

welcomes them and greets them. She says you have insulted us in your house but I won’t do the same, I welcome my enemies also. Vilas’s wife comes and greets jai. She speaks sweetly to jai. jai looks at her and does not understand. Chandrika asks her to leave inside.

Vilas scolds his wife and asks her to leave immediately. Chandrika asks Hasmukh how did he remember her today. jai asks where is Aarvi. Chandrika asks innocent and says Aarvi, Dilip’s daughter, how would Paritosh know it. She says is jai telling that Aarvi is lost. She says Vilas go to police station and ask them to find out Aarvi. jai asks again, where is Aarvi. Chandrika speaks well and tries to frame them in her talk. She says don’t waste your time here, go and find somewhere else. jai says where is Aarvi. She says how can we say. Hasmukh says then who will say. He asks Paritosh that why did you kidnap Aarvi. Paritosh says we are not so cheap to kidnap Aarvi. Vilas says we don’t know anything about Aarvi.

Dilip shouts don’t lie Vilas, where is Aarvi. Chandrika says if my sons are lying, tell me whats the truth, do you have the proof that my sons have kidnapped her, if you have, you can beat me with my slipper. Paritosh laughs and says you only know how to blame others as they are irresponsible. jai says the time will say, I will find Aarvi. jai holds Paritosh by his neck and scolds him. Chandrika gets angry. jai leaves with Dilip and Hasmukh. Chandrika says before jai reaches Aarvi, go and shift her somewhere far.
Paritosh calls the goons. Ketki is crying at home while everyone pacifies her saying everything will be fine.

Ketki asks Parul did they get Aarvi, are they bringing her. Parul says no, they said they could not find Aarvi anywhere. Ketki cries. Parul says don’t cry, everything will be fine. Ketki says fine, I will not cry but tell them to bring my Aarvi back to me. Parul says they will surely bring her, nothing will happen to Aarvi. Ketki says I won’t drink water till I get my Aarvi. Everyone cries. Hasmukh talks to inspector and asks him to find Aarvi. He tells Dilip that the inspector said he did not get Aarvi.

jai says nothing will happen to Aarvi. jai meets Vilas’s wife and talks to her. He asks her about Vilas. Hasmukh asks her did they tell you where they went today. She innocently tells them that Vilas went to Ram Leela fair. jai says oh and understands. She says yes, they don’t take me there, but they visited the fair twice. jai, Dilip and Hasmukh leaves.

Ramila is crying and says I won’t take medicines till we get Aarvi. Ramila cries and gets emotional. Parul calms her down and says don’t be disheartened, nothing will happen to Aarvi. Karsan comes and asks Parul to come with him. Ramila says we will all Dilip and ask him. Ramila faints. Everyone are with Ramila. Karsan says I will bring the doctor. Ramila refuses. Ansubaa says whats all this, you are adamant and Ketki too, Ketki is on hunger strike. Ansubaa is worried. Ramila sys Dhwarkadeesh has to send my Aarvi back safe. Everyone cries. Ansubaa wishes Ketki’s and Ramila’s belief should not break. She says you have to come in any form and save Aarvi.

A girl is shown with her face hidden with a scarf. She is in the fair riding a bicycle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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