Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa and Lily wishing Dhara becomes Jai’s wife forever as the seven months are ending now. The puja is over. jai and Dhara eat in one plate together. jai makes Dhara eat with his hands. Everyone smile seeing them. Dipika gets furious. Dhara coughs and jai makes her drink water. Dipika looks at them. jai thinks about Dhara and lage tose naina…………. plays………….. He smiles. Dipika comes to him and asks him to kill her. He says are you out of your mind and slaps her. She cries. He says I m sorry. She says why don’t you understand, you avoid me. She hugs him and says I love you. He says I know. She says look at me, I m mad about you. He says I understand. She says no, you don’t behave right with me. I m trying to forget

that night. He says I m really sorry. She says you don’t feel guilty.

She says I m sorry, I don’t have any problem and hugs him. She says I can;t tolerate when you avoid me, don’t feel guilty. jai says I can’t forget that night. She thinks I won’t let you forget it, I won’t let you come out of that guilt, you have to agree with me. jai comes to his room and looks at Dhara. He looks at Bhoomi’s photo and says I come to you whenever I m confused. He thinks about her words and says I took a U turn in life but I m not going ahead, I found you in Dhara but I can’t tell her. He says she married me for saving my life, I want to make her my wife for lifetime, I want to tell her that I love her a lot, but I can’t. Whenever she is infront of me, I can’t say her anything that Dhara I love you. Why so? He comes to Dhara and sees that her hair are troubling her. He removes her hair from her face and looks at her.

He says see I try to come close to Dhara, but I feel guilty and I stop. He thinks about Dipika’s words. He says I got my answers, I have did wrong with Dipika and cheated Dhara also. Hitesh comes to Avni and talk to her. He says I love to stay here, I want to live her for long. Avni is annoyed. He says Jai was kidnapped and I could not do what I wanted to, I want to ask for your share in this house and mill. Avni says don’t ask anything. Hitesh and Avni have an argument. Avni requests him to be calm and says if you want money, take my necklace. Lily comes there and looks at them. Hitesh sees her and starts acting. He acts sweet and says I will not sell your jewellery at any cost. He leaves smiling. Lily looks at Avni.
Dhara dreams jai being shot by someone. She wakes up at night and shouts. She says someone shot you, I could not do anything, are you fine. He says I m fine, and hugs her. Music plays……………. He says what will happen to me, when my protective shield is with me. He asks her to sleep now. She sleeps. jai thinks. Its morning, Avni talks to Lily. Lily says Hitesh is a part of our family, we should help him in business, don’t worry, I will manage. She says we would have given him money before. Lily says we will manage. Lily says I will take care. Hitesh stops Avni and says relax. He says if your mum wants to help me, what problem do you have, I did what your dad did years ago, let it happen.

Dipika looks at jai. Parul makes jai eat by her hands. He says I m not a kid. Ansubaa smiles. Dipika comes and greets jai. Ansubaa says jai is going with Dhara. jai says yes. Ansubaa says is it very far. jai says no, its a hotel near highway. Dipika says even I have to go there to meet my friend, shall I come with you. jai says yes. Parul says they are leaving now. Dipika says even I m ready. jai says I don’t have any problem. Dhara comes and says I m ready. Parul says go now. jai says I will go and come. Lily comes to talk to Ansubaa.
Ketki is in kitchen making food. She says everything will be happy seeing the spicy food. Parul comes to her and tells her that jai and Dhara went for conference and Dipika went with them. She asks Ketki will you talk to Dipika, explain her that jai loves Dhara and its not good to come between them. Ketki says but seven months are completing. Parul says I know, but now things have changed, Dhara loves jai a lot and jai is connected to her, I can’t sacrifice jai’s happiness. Try to explain this to jai if you get a chance. Ketki is shocked.

Dipika shows the CD to Ketki and says it has Dhara in it with jai. Ketki takes the Cd and says I will tell you when and how to use this CD

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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