Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ramila cooking vegetable dish for Ankit. She feels bad while cooking. Parul and Bhoomi comes there, Parul says she will cook food for Ankit. She says she know how you are feeling and says Bhoomi did a mistake and people tend to learn from their mistakes. She says one mistake even Dwarkhadeesh forgives, so please forgive her. Ramila leaves the kitchen angrily. Ketki says what Bhoomi might have told them that’s why Parul and Ansubaa always praises her.

Kishan asks Ramila about Ankit. She says he might be in his room, Kishan says he is searching for him but he isn’t there in his room. Hasmukh says he can’t forget that his son was hungry because of Bhoomi. Ramila wonders where might be Ankit?

Ankit comes to Bharti’s room,

Bharti keeps the door unlocked for her plan to succeed. Ankit asks why you called me here? She laughs saying to feed you with palwal ki sabzi. She says that she has his letter with her. Ankit says you can’t do anything. she says never think that your enemy is weak.

She says he know better what she can do and he have to accept whatever she says. Ramila tells Ketki to check Ankit in the tabela. Ankit says he will not do as she says. Bharti says him to remember that she can help him in getting his rights. Ankit says he will not agree to her. Meanwhile all the family members are calling Ankit’s name and gets tensed. Bharti says still you have time so rethink your decision. Ankit stays firm on his decision. Bharti starts acting and breaks the things in her room. She shouts as if Ankit is trying to rape her. She removes her dupatta and forces herself on Ankit. Meanwhile everyone hears her pleas and gather outside her room. When they open the room, to their shocked they find Ankit forcing Bharti. They gets shocked and Ankit too gets shocked. Ansubaa too comes there and is shocked. Kishan pushes Ankit on the bed and asks him what he was doing. Bharti wears her dupatta. Hasmukh thinks now Ansubaa will throw Ankit out of the house and he yells at him to say sorry to Bharti. Kishan asks why you did such a thing. Ankit is at a loss of words. Bharti says Ankit didn’t do anything but he saved me. Kishan says we heard your voice. She says Ankit saved her from big kaan khajura ( may be some insects). She says it was about to bite me but Ankit sait saved me at the right time. She continues that Ankit hits it and thrown the kaan khajura out the window.

She thanks Ankit and smirks. Ankit is shocked at her acting. Kishan says him sorry. Ramila says she knew that Ankit could not do such a thing. Kishan takes Ankit with him. Ansubaa says that she misunderstood the situation and prays for everything good happen to her.

Kishan tells Ankit that it happens sometimes in the joint family and asks him to eat food. He pampers him like Ramila to make him eat food. Ankit finally eats the food. Parul tells Ramila that they are brothers, they will always be together amidst the quarrels.
Bhoomi comes to Bharti’s room and asks her to close the windows in the evenings. Bharti says she knows it since 22 years. Bhoomi says she will leave now and asks her to rest. After Bhoomi leaves, Bharti says she came back to take life of everyone, one by one. She says she know about everyone’s weakness. She goes on to write everyone’s weakness on the wooden table.

Hasmukh tells Ramila that, did she saw what Kishan did with Ankit. She says she saw how Kishan fed food to Ankit lovingly. Hasmukh leaves angrily. Ankit comes to him and asks for 1000 Rupees for paying University fees. he tells something about the police case, Hasmukh says he knows everything and gives him 500 rupees. Ankit asks for 500 more rupees. Hasmukh says that once kishan gets the responsibility then you can’t go around. Bharti overhears them and says she will take advantage of his weakness and all the family will suffer.

Ansubaa tells Bhoomi to lit the ghee diya kept in the in-house temple before selecting the MD. She says she has faith on her that whatever she starts will never fails. Bharti thinks that your trust will break as Bhoomi will not be able to lit the diya (lamp) in the morning.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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