Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chandrika and her sons warning Ansubaa and saying we won’t let you have the land. They have a angry stare at each other. Kishan (jai) comes and faces them. He asks them to apologize to Ansubaa. The guys laugh on him and says you went mad after your wife died. He says your wife took your senses. Kishan says she did not die, she is here. He jokes with Kishan. Kishan gets angry. He takes the kalash and is about to put water in the fire. Kishan holds him by the neck and stops him. Kishan beats him and the guy falls. Everyone looks on. Kishan says don’t tell anything about Bhoomi the next time. Chandrika shouts how could you beat your elder brother. Kishan says I missed, I would have beaten him on his head. The guy gets up.


asks Kishan to calm down and tells them the court will decide who will get what. Ansubaa taunts Chandrika and says you have to decide you want to beg or achieve. She says don’t repeat such thing again. She says we stopped Kishan today, but no one will stop him tomorrow. Chandrika says I will remember your taunts and about our right, we will see you in court. Chandrika greets them and leaves with her sons. She says they are doing injustice with me and thrown us out from our rights. Her sons says we are with you, we will attack on them. They say this haveli will be yours very soon.

Hasmukh kaka calls to Patel and says they have come home, file the case and do anything, but be careful that they won’t come to our house again. He says we will see everything in the court. Parul sees Kishan’s hand wounded and says blood is coming out. She asks Ketki to bring haldi. Kishan asks for letter. Parul asks him to pray to the Lord. He says I won’t. Parul brings the letter and gives him. Kishan leaves. Ketki comes and says Bhoomi made you write these letters in the hospital right. Parul says yes, she said marriage is about seven vows, which I m breaking, so I m leaving seven letters for Kishan, and give him one letter every year and my every letter will help him live. Ansubaa says only Bhoomi knows Kishan.

Parul says I have given the sixth letter to Kishan today as its been six years now. Kishan reads the letter and cries. Bhoomi appears infront of him. He looks at her. Bhoomi smiles and he gets up. Bhoomi says move ahead in life. He holds her and says how can I move ahead without you. She says I m with you, near you, in your thoughts, in your existence. She says whenever you will smile, you will find me in your smile, and if you cry, I will flow with your tears, so don’t cry. She says keep smiling. She says Kishan promise me that you will never cry.

Someone knocks at the door and Bhoomi disappears. Kishan opens the door and its Aarvi. She takes him with her and says sit here. He says you got wound in your hand right, why did you not do the first aid, I have to teach you everything. She speaks sweetly. Kishan smiles. She brings medicines for him and applies the ointment on his wound. Someone takes Kishan’s photos from the window. Its Chandrika’s sons and they say Kishan smiles only with Aarvi. They laugh seeing the photo and plan to kidnap Aarvi. They say this girl will pay for Kishan’s act.

Lily and Ketki are talking about Aarvi. Someone kidnaps Aarvi as Ketki and Lily looks on. They shout Aarvi. Katki runs after the car and falls. She starts crying saying Aarvi. Ramila asks Kishan to have food. Kishan asks for Aarvi. Parul says its late today. Lily and Ketki come home crying. Everyone are shocked and asks what happened. Kishan asks what happened to Aarvi. Lily says someone kidnapped Aarvi. Everyone are stunned. Ketki cries. Hasmukh calls someone. Kishan says nothing will happen to Aarvi. Ketki requests Kishan to bring Aarvi back. Hasmukh says I spoke to police and we will know in one hour. Everyone wonder who might have done this. Hasmukh says its Chandrika’s work. Kishan says the Lord won’t do anything, he did not save Bhoomi, and will no save Aarvi. He says I have done a mistake, and won’t do again. He says I will bring Aarvi back.

Kishan says I have to find Aarvi but how. Who will help me. Some girl enters.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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